Shake Shack Lives Up to the Hype

Shake Shack opened on the Plaza and fulfills the buzz surrounding it.


Shake Shack burgers and fries packed up to-go.

Grace Parrott, Reporter


The newest addition to the Plaza on the corner of 47th and Nichols Road, Shake Shack has been followed with the stories of three hour waits and lines wrapping around the block since it opened Sept. 6. Yet, every minute of a three hour wait, and every foot ache is totally and completely worth it.

While standing in line, the staff will immediately answer any question whether it be from the menu or generally how the chain works. While the lines grow, staff members walk around offering taste tests of lemonade. The lemonade is tangy and sour in all the best ways possible proving it wasn’t your average powdered lemonade-stand lemonade, this is fresh, high quality lemonade.

The Plaza location is the only location of the New York based burger chain within a four hour drive. Upon walking into the restaurant, the place has vibes that create the perfect hang out spot for any group of people. While ordering the staff is extremely efficient, which is especially important considering the amount of people in a limited space.  

But, once you are served the food, every minute spent waiting is immediately  worth it. The packaging is cute with the light green and the white background, totally perfect for anyone to post. According to the Shake Shack website, all of the meat is natural with no GMOs or antibiotics and is served on a potato roll. So although this may be fast food, there is no reason to worry about weird chemicals that may be inside.

When biting into the classic ‘ShackBurger,’ the thick of the cheeseburger is immediately played off by the lettuce and tomato. While the shacksauce adds the perfect touch to play off both these components. The burger is the ideal size to share with a friend.

It’s not a burger without fries and these fries do not disappoint. The fries are perfectly done, with the perfect amount of salt.

But the best item offered, is the namesake. The shake. Even getting a simple, yet classic, chocolate or vanilla milkshake is delicious. The richness and sweetness of the ice cream is the perfect dessert to the rest of the meal.  Making Shake Shack a perfect indulgence for some fast food. To mix it up a bit, there are also flavors such as peanut butter, coffee and the local flavor, “Pie-oh-my.” This vanilla shake is mixed with a whole slice of pie from the local bakery, Ashleigh’s Bake Shop.

Patrons stand in the dwindling line next to Shake Shack following the lunch rush on Sunday Sept. 6

Although on the pricier side, with just a standard hamburger costing around $7, and fries or a shake costing about $4 extra depending on size, it is worth it. Due to the freshness of the food, every penny is well spent.

Overall, every minute in line is totally and completely worth it. Shake Shack is a great addition to the collection of various burger chains in the Kansas City area and will challenge, and probably destroy, some competition. Shake Shack is worth every penny, and every minute spent waiting. This is an immediate try. Or try again.