Parlor is the Place to Be

Parlor, located at 17th and Locust, provides the greatest dining experience possible, while incorporating a new idea about the idea of eating out in Kansas City.


Grace Parrott

Parlor is located in The Crossroads and offers indoor and outdoor seating options.

Grace Parrott, Reporter

The Crossroads dining experience, Parlor, located at 17th and Locust opened Sept.14. Parlor is a collection of seven restaurants with different styles of cuisine in one building. The restaurant is slowly getting well-deserved attention outside of its current millennial based crowd.

Various places such as Mario Batali’s Eataly in New York City and the Grove in Los Angeles have been predecessors to the Kansas City re-creation and left a lot for the restaurant to live up to. Parlor went above and beyond the expectations. Providing various outdoor and indoor seating options, there is nothing to not love about this place.

The Copenhagen Street Dog from Vildhäst is soaked in a Scandinavian marinade and topped with onions and mustard.

Located in a beautiful old brick building that is typical of the Crossroads, the place has an easygoing vibe. It has unique seating, with traditional tables, high top, bleacher-style wood seats, couches to hang out with friends and beautiful outside seating. The entire place is perfect for a friend or two to get dinner before a concert or another event. However, this is not the place to bring a big group of people, due to the fact at its busiest even trying to find a table for two can be a challenge.

Along the walls are little inlets that hold the seven restaurants, serving all sorts of things. From Japanese savory pancakes, Scandinavian street food, Yucatan and Middle Eastern inspired food and Korean comfort food to more traditional pizza, sandwich and fried chicken places. Anyone could find anything to eat here, even the pickiest eaters.

The food even itself is absolutely delectable. Vildhast, the Scandinavian street food restaurant, although a little overpriced, is extremely good. It boasts traditional ideals of American food with unexpected twists, such as a classic hot dog, marinated in a Scandinavian marinade turning the hot dog red, cooked onions and mustard, which costs 12$. Karbon, the Yucatan peninsula and Middle Eastern inspired food, is also mouth-wateringly delicious.

The Come Back sandwich from vendor Mother Clucker! has the perfect amount of spice and is served with delectable fries.

But the absolute best place in Parlor is Mother Clucker!, a Nashville hot chicken place. The aroma hits you the minute you reach the second floor, and it is drool-worthy. You choose what flavor of heat to get, and from there it is their creation, the bun is fresh, and it brings the perfect balance to the spice of the chicken. Although it is $13.50, it is two thick pieces of chicken and worth every penny. The fries also have a fry seasoning special to Mother Clucker! and are inarguably some of the best fries in the city.

Overall, from the atmosphere to the food, Parlor is a great place. If indecisive or craving various kinds of food, just for one or with a crew, this is the place to be. It is the object of anyone’s wildest cravings and will literally be dreamt about (true story). It is an immediate try, and it cannot be stressed enough how urgent it is to try Parlor.