Museum of Illusions Offers Mind Games and Doubletakes

The new Museum of Illusions in Union Station is worth a visit despite its cost.


Cecilia Mohacsi

The Museum of Illusions Kansas City logo is displayed on walls throughout the museum.

Cecilia Mohacsi, Print Co-Editor in Chief

The new Museum of Illusions is sure to delight and trick anyone and everyone interested in mind games. A visit to the exhibit will make for a fun afternoon for all ages. 

The Museum of Illusions is a new, permanent exhibit located inside of Union Station open every day of the week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is a part of a chain of museums that can be found around the world, and is one of only two in the entire United States.

On display are a variety of illusions, ranging from pictures on the walls to entire room illusions. It is an interactive museum and guests are able to touch, sit and walk through several parts of the exhibit.

The most exciting attractions include a room that creates a size illusion between two people, an infinity mirror room and a revolving room that makes visitors feel like they are falling over even though they are standing still. These larger exhibits are definitely unique and are the highlights of the museum.

Walking into the museum, guests are greeted by red walls with geometric patterns. Framed illusions hang on the wall similar to an art museum and engage visitors right as they walk in. Around the corner, the room opens up to reveal an open space and the entrance to the optical size illusion room. In the room, the floor is steep and uneven with the walls angled, but from the viewing window and pictures, it appears as though one person is half the size as the other. When they switch places, they appear to change sizes.

Print Co-Editor in Chief Cecilia Mohácsi and her brother Gabriel Mohácsi stand inside of the size illusion room.

The most technical illusion is a bridge that extends through a revolving tunnel and as guests walk straight across, the room feels as if it is spinning and they feel off balance. Every illusion on display has explanations and directions for how they work in both English and Spanish, allowing visitors to easily interact with the illusions.

The wide variety of illusions throughout the exhibit is a plus; however, several of the wall exhibits can be viewed online for free from a simple Google search of illusions. For younger kids, these would still be a new and fun experience though.

The downside of this museum is the cost. Tickets for adults are $15 and child tickets are $10, both not including tax. For a museum that only takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour to get through and some illusions are repetitive, the price is a little steep; However, curiosity will keep the guests coming despite the price.