The Purrfect Cafe Paws Its Way to the Top

New cat cafe in Westport offers a relaxing and energetic time to unwind with cats of all sizes.


Ana Pendergast

One of the many cats at Whiskers Cafe lounging in the sun.

Ana Pendergast, Web Managing Editor

Whiskers Cafe, located in Westport near 37th street, offers a great way to relax and unwind with adorable furry, little friends. From tiny kittens that will curl up and sit in laps for an hour, like Stella Rose, to fat tabbys that are just looking for a playmate, Whiskers Cafe offers every type of cat. Though the concept seems as if it wouldn’t get approved by the Health Department, the cafe was surprisingly clean, with almost no cat hair or stinky litter smells.

A set of double sliding doors separate the cats from the cafe itself, ensuring both that the cats don’t escape into the wonders of Westport and that the cafe stays cat hair free. Customers are allowed to bring their drinks into the cat room as long as they aren’t given to the cats.

Ten dollars pay for an hour with the cats and $2 towards a drink, which is equivalent to a coffee or tea, or the partial cost of an espresso. Though the drinks aren’t the main draw, the menu is a downfall. There aren’t many options and the serving sizes are small. However, it’s all worth it to spend time with the cats.

After drinks are served and customers enter into the world of cats, it’s almost impossible to pick the first cat to play with. All the cats have been vetted by KC Pet Project and have become well adjusted to spending time with lots of people. Cats are available for adoption through KC Pet Project. The owner and workers are there to answer any questions about the cats and give their background stories.

The whole room is designed for the cats to have fun and cuddle. With low seating, pillows and rugs there is plenty of space to cuddle up with the adorable kittens. The room is designed not only for comfort but also as a jungle gym for the cats. They can climb around everywhere, playing with each other and the guests.

The cats are extremely well-behaved, making the experience all the better. There’s little to no meowing, and though the cats sometimes get feisty with each other, they never misbehave with the guests unless provoked. Whether the cats cuddling or playing, they melt the hearts of everyone who comes in.

Sadly, in order to enjoy the experience reservations, which can be made here,  must be secured ahead of time and often have long waits, and they are closed on Monday and Tuesday. However, there is little wait between ordering drinks and going into the cat room. Though once a reservation is made the cat cafe it is well worth the wait, even for those who aren’t crazy about cats.