Khalid Embraces his New Spirit

Khalid Donnel Robinson released new album “Free Spirit” April 5.



Khalid released his new album, Free Spirit April, 3.

Stephanie Vince, reporter

Khalid Donnel Robinson’s new album “Free Spirit” was released  April 5. The album contains 17 tracks including two previous songs “Better” and “Saturday Nights” from his last extended play “Suncity.” In addition to the release of the album, he also announced future tour dates. Khalid is coming to Kansas City July 21 at the Sprint Center.

“Free Spirit” contains a different mindset from his previous album “American Teen” with the transition from a 17-year-old to a 20 to 21 year old. His album reveals the uncertainty of what to do with the personal freedom you have been longing. Each song contains its own inspiration and story that allow you to see him find himself.

Overall “Free Spirit” is an upbeat, chill playlist that has a more melancholy tone compared to previous album. It is perfect to listen while driving with the windows down or on a pool day. This playlist suits the upcoming summer months with soulful, relaxing melodies.

However, although a good album, it does not live up to previous album “American Teen.” The new personality introduced by Khalid is a very different approach compared to previous songs. The new songs stray from his normal tunes and turns away from the focus on teenage years to finding yourself in life.

Two of Khalid’s songs “Talk” and “Better” took spots in Billboard’s top 30 songs. His song “Talk” is a collaborative song featuring Disclosure whom he has always wanted to collaborate with since he started music. He wrote his song “Better” after he was fresh off of his previous tour and released it to create his number five ranked song. Both these songs, as well as “Saturday Nights” pull the whole album together and make it fun and light. His song “Free Spirit” sets the vibe for the whole album reflecting not only the title but good melodies that are perfect for summer.