Ten Disney Go-To Classics

The launch of Disney+ on Nov. 12 is around the corner and all of their movies and TV shows will confidently be available on the same streaming service waiting for users to binge them all.

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Ten Disney Go-To Classics

Ten of Disney's best movies, each with a little something for everyone.

Ten of Disney's best movies, each with a little something for everyone.

photo curtesy of MCT Campus

Ten of Disney's best movies, each with a little something for everyone.

photo curtesy of MCT Campus

photo curtesy of MCT Campus

Ten of Disney's best movies, each with a little something for everyone.

Kaitlin Lyman, Sports Editor

With the launch of Disney’s own streaming service Disney+ coming Nov. 12, the binge-watching will soon begin. Here are the top ten Disney go-to classics for the whole family to enjoy.

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1. Finding Nemo/Finding Dory

The underwater adventures that melted our hearts with humor, heartfelt emotion and the true meaning of family. Both films are great for the whole family because there is a lesson in it for everyone. Not only is there a repetitive motto of “never giving up” or “just keep swimming,” as Dory would say, but it also teaches us what it means to accept everyone for who they are. Whether you’re overprotective like Marlin, optimistic like Dory or Adventures like Nemo, there is a place for you in the world. 

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2. Lion King

As one of Disney’s most popular films, the revolutionary story features the young lion cub’s journey to adulthood. Having a great plot, humorously captivating characters and an outstanding soundtrack, it will leave viewers humming the catchy tune of “The Circle of Life” and carrying on the famous life motto “Hakuna Matata.”

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3. Toy Story

Who wouldn’t want to have Andy’s toys as a kid? Someone to watch over our shoulder to make sure everything goes right and ensure our memories are filled with the fun adventurous of our pals Woody and Buzz. The relationship between a toy and its owner is special because, to the child inside us, our toys were not just a pile of plastic or fabric, they were our friends. 

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4. Frozen

The movie with the soundtrack that we just can’t let go. The tale of two sisters is filled with pure feelings of love. The moving story built around family is packed full of outgoing adventures and the making of new friendships with a strong message behind the story encouraging young women to protect and believe in each other. Perfect to watch during the holiday season to bring a little magic into your life. 

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5. Moana

The story of a young teenager who found her voice and identity while on a voyage to save her people. Unlike other stereotypical princesses, Moana of Motonui chose to think in a progressive manner and step up to the challenge of sailing across the Pacific ocean to bring life back to the perishing island. With a little push from Moana’s late Gramma Tala, she is encouraged to not be afraid of who she is and to pursue what she believes is right. 

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6. Incredibles

The O.G. crime-fighting family that inspired us as kids brings out our inner superhero. While this is a typical superhero movie with an intuitive plot, it is tastefully done. The consistent humor and personalities of each character made this hit movie a home run for Pixar. The tone of the film goes after mediocrity, calling out the idea of being perfect. In their world, the once praised “supers” are now considered outcasts. The incredible family recognizes everyone for who they are and encourages each other to be proud of their given talents. 

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7. Hercules

The musical comedy pulls from the books of Greek mythology to create the disneyfied version of Hercules. As much as this film has been criticized for not sticking to true mythology it’s honestly underrated for how well it was transformed for G-rated eyes. Another movie great for the whole family, making heroic scenes and humorous historic references fun for teens and parents alike.

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8. The Little Mermaid

This animated fantasy sparked the mermaid fad that seems to never fade out. The plot of the story keeps viewers on their toes as we anxiously wait to see if Prince Eric will “kiss the girl” to seal the deal for a happy ending and save Ariel from Urselas schemey plan. The movie is well-rounded with a blissful love story, a catchy sing-along playlist and the traditional touch of Disney magic, making it an iconic princess movie.

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9. Aladdin

If there is one consistent thing Disney does well is incorporating a funny sidekick to go along with each Protagonist of the film. Genie makes the movie. Played by the late Robin Williams, the humor and wisdom of his character spice up the serious scenes and leaving viewers wanting more of his witty jokes and enthusiastic personality. 

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10. Monsters, Inc.

A Pixar classic, Monsters, Inc. changed our belief that the monsters in our closet or under our bed were really there. Viewing this at a young age was a game-changer for all those scary myths that we’re lead to believe as a kid. Bringing a child’s worst fears to life in a light-hearted story for good was a genius idea that can be enjoyed with the whole family. 


What makes the Disney genre top-notch in the film industry is their creativity and ability to speak to all viewers. No matter your age, race, likes or dislikes, there is someone to represent you on the big screen. As said many times before, Disney is about family and what they do best is share a little bit of their magic.


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