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With the recent opening of Andy’s Frozen Custard, the ice cream shop is added in the competition of the best local places for frozen treats. Between Andy’s, Sonic Drive-In and Sylas and Maddy’s Homemade Ice Cream, which shop deserves the most business?

Andy's Frozen Custard opened almost two weeks ago on State Line.

Abbie Sinow

Andy’s Frozen Custard opened almost two weeks ago on State Line.

Abbie Sinow, Reporter

Andy’s Frozen Custard opened Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 10641 State Line Road, Kansas City, MO, 64114 as the chain grows in the Kansas City area.

Andy’s Frozen Custard began in Springfield, Missouri in 1986 and has been expanding across the country ever since. With a new Andy’s location opened within a mile of Sion, it possesses the potential to be a prime hang-out spot for students.

Abbie Sinow
The Springfield, Missouri originated Andy’s Frozen Custard opened a new location at 10641 State Line Road, Kansas City, MO, 64114 Sept. 4.

With an ordering counter, a shaded standing area outside and a drive-thru, Andy’s offers a welcoming atmosphere making it a convenient stop for customers on the go. Although it can be an enjoyable environment for warmer weather, it can cause discomfort during the winter months when customers opt-out of the drive-thru option.  

Andy’s was pricey at $3.99 for a small sundae. The selection of sundaes was limited, although they offered a large selection of add-ins. The signature “Jackhammer,” a concrete with a topping of the customer’s choice filling the center, was also featured.  

Despite concerns with the atmosphere and price, Andy’s proves that this location is ready for the business students could bring.  The customer service was friendly and patient as well as prepared and efficient. The hot fudge sundae was creamy and rich, but nothing that couldn’t be found at other custard shops in the Kansas City area for possibly cheaper.

With a retro-style sign, Sonic is known as "America's Drive-In."
Abbie Sinow
With a retro-style sign, Sonic has been known as “America’s Drive-In” since first opening in 1953.

A less expensive option also within less than a mile of Sion is Sonic Drive-In at 500 E. Red Bridge Road, Kansas City, MO., 64114 Sonic offers a larger range of frozen treats, such as sundaes, slushies, shakes and “Blasts,” a concrete-like dessert with pieces of candy and cookies mixed in. At $2.79 for a mini “Master Shake,’ about the same size as a small sundae from Andy’s, Sonic is preferable for those looking for a good deal.

Not only does Sonic offer less expensive options, but the quality is comparable to Andy’s. Sonic’s Strawberry Cheesecake shake was flavorful and rich and was an accurate representation of the title.  

The Sonic location nearest to Sion features a drive-thru in addition to their well-known car service, and a covered sitting area, which is not available at Andy’s. The sitting area includes benches and tables as well as an intercom to order, whereas Andy’s does not offer anywhere for customers to sit while enjoying their custard.  

Abbie Sinow
Sylas and Maddy’s original location is in Lawrence, Kansas and has a second location in Olathe, Kansas.

Although Sonic and Andy’s are each within a mile of Sion, Sylas and Maddy’s Homemade Ice Cream is located at 11925 S. Strang Line Road, Olathe, KS, 66062. almost 12 miles from Sion. Despite the distance, Sylas and Maddy’s offers the best quality, price and atmosphere. At $3.29 for a single scoop, Sylas and Maddy’s offers a range of over 40 flavors of ice cream and sherbet, including Cookie Monster and DaBomb.

Cookie Monster is a vibrant blue colored vanilla ice cream with pieces of cookie and cake mixed in. Cookie Monster is a delectable treat that satisfies multiple cravings at once.  Toppings, sundaes and shakes are also available in addition to one or two scoops. Pints and quarts can be purchased for enjoying at home as well.

Sylas and Maddy’s offers a comfortable environment with creative decorations and artistic designs for each ice cream flavor. Their building also includes an indoor seating area and complimentary water.  

Abbie Sinow
With different designs for each flavor, Sylas and Maddy’s offers over 40 types of ice cream and sherbet.

Although Sylas and Maddy’s can be quite a drive for some students, it is completely worth the distance compared to ice cream shops nearer to Sion. They offer an atmosphere and options not available at any other business that serves ice cream and the quality is unlike anything customers could find somewhere else.