S.O.S The Boys Are Back

Jonas Brothers come to Kansas City for their “Happiness Begins” tour Sunday, Sept. 22 at Sprint Center.


Kaitlin Lyman

The Jonas Brothers gather together on a rising platform to sing “Hesitate” at Sprint Center Sept. 22.

Kaitlin Lyman, Sports Editor

Back and better than ever, the Jonas Brothers came to party with their O.G. fandom of 90s and 2000s babies for a long-overdue reunion Sept. 22 at the Sprint Center for their “Happiness Begins” Tour.

The brothers kicked off the show with their song “Roller Coaster” which set the tone for the night as an insanely energetic ride. Not only did the boys not disappoint, but they also brought together one of the best crowds the Sprint Center has ever seen. From the minute they stepped on stage it was pure happiness and joy from both the fans and the brothers. No matter where one sat, the nose bleeds or on the floor, it felt like the party of the year. The boys are back and they are not being shy about it.  

The setlist was perfectly picked and, as a fan, it could not have been a better playlist. It was a comfortable mix of old and new, with performances of original favorites “Lovebug,” “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” “Burnin Up” and of course, “Year 3000” along with many others from their previous albums. 

While they touched back on songs from the good ole days they also included music from Nick Jonas’ solo career and Joe Jonas’ band DNCE. After their performance of “Can’t Have You” from the album “A Little Bit Longer,” the spotlights went dark and seconds later came back shining on  Nick who stood solo on stage to perform “Jealous.” About halfway through the song, Joe joined. Immediately following, Joe sang his hit song from DNCE “Cake By The Ocean.” 

Performing songs from the beginning of their career, the broken-up middle and present made the show special. It proves a point that sometimes a break from the norm can lead to happy beginnings in the future. In this case of the Jonas Brothers, that is 100 percent true.

Kaitlin Lyman
Joe Jonas performs his song “Cake By The Ocean” Sunday, Sept. 22 during the “Happiness Begins” concert.