What is Your Fall-Themed Activity?

Watch the Try Gals as they dive into pumpkin carving and more fall fun! Answer these questions to find out what fall activity best suits your personality.

Take the interactive quiz at the following link:


Or take the typed version below:

  1. Favorite fall fruit
    1. Apple
    2. Pumpkin
    3. Corn
  2. What do you like more, being inside or outside?
    1. Outside
    2. Inside
    3. Both
  3. What is your favorite fall color?
    1. Red
    2. Orange
    3. Yellow
  4. Favorite fall accessories:
    1. Scarfs 
    2. Sweaters
    3. Hats
  5. What is a hobby of yours?
    1. Hiking or taking walks
    2. Baking
    3. Crafts
  6. What is your favorite fall snack?
    1. Apple donuts
    2. Pumpkin pie
    3. Scones
  7. Do you enjoy dressing up?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Only for Halloween 


Red Delicious apples are ripe for the picking at Terhune Orchards’ annual Apple Days Harvest Festival.

Mostly 1: Apple Picking

Gather up your besties and head to the “Cider Hill Family Orchard” here in Kansas City for some apple picking fun! With your love for the outdoors and appreciation for walks, you’ll find yourself right at home! 






Zach Kennett of Putnam, CT carves a face into one of the thousands of pumpkins that will be on display at the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo staring Thursday. [The Providence Journal/Bob Breidenbach]

Mostly 2: Pumpkin Carving

Spread out your newspapers and ready your knives for some pumpkin carving! Like Le Journal’s Try Gals, you can enjoy the fall season by taking part in carving pumpkins. Cat faces, Happy faces, angry faces or vampire faces—it’s your choice! Gather up the family and rejoice in the fall fun while whipping up some delicious pumpkin pies!





Use seasonal phrases and quotes instead of names at your next holiday dinner party. (Katie Laughridge/TNS)

Mostly 3: Halloween Party

Let your spooky spirit loose by throwing a Halloween Party! Dress up in your most creative costume and call over friends to share in the spooky spirit. Eat all the candy corn you can find and craft some frightening decorations. Stay in with friends or roam the night’s streets for trick-or-treating fun!