Get Ready Y’all

Luke Combs performed in Kansas City for his “Beer Never Broke My Heart” tour Friday, Oct. 4 at Sprint Center.


Kate Vankeirsbilck

Luke Combs performed in Kansas City Friday, Oct. 4 for his “Beer Never Broke My Heart” tour at the Sprint Center.

Kate Vankeirsbilck, Reporter

Ready to perform, Luke Combs strutted on stage wearing his signature look—a black Columbia Performance Fishing Gear shirt. As Combs grabbed the microphone, the crowd erupted in applause and yells ready to see what song he will open with. Performing in Kansas City for his “Beer Never Broke My Heart” tour at Sprint Center Oct. 4 at 9:00 p.m., Combs was ready to show the crowd “What Memories Are Made Of” and help create memories of their own with his outstanding performance. 

Kate Vankeirsbilck
Luke Combs opened his show singing “Outlaw” at the Sprint Center Oct. 4 for his sold-out “Beer Never Broke My Heart” tour.

Kicking off with his single “Outlaw,” Combs’ stage layout teleported the audience into an old western saloon. From the old whiskey barrels, the three tiers of the stage made to look like distressed wood, and the constant video feed in the shape of circle-like whiskey barrels on the background screen, Combs brought out the “Outlaw” in his fans for a concert that did not disappoint. Decked out in their denim and flannels, Combs’ fans from the third level all the way down to the pit were dancing and cheering. 

Between the songs, Combs described what went into writing them and how they became what they are today. One being, “Beautiful Crazy” written about his then-girlfriend after their second date. Combs said after showing her that song he knew that he either could look a little crazy or romantic it must have worked because the couple is now engaged. 

Each song was selected perfectly for the audience, from his own songs to covers, Combs grasped the audience’s attention and never let go. He performed covers of “The Ride” by David Allen Coe and “Fortunate Son“ by Creedence Clearwater Revival while introducing his band. As he called out their names, each member would sing a short snippet while playing their instruments. Of Combs’ own music, he sang “Hurricane,” which was written before he had signed a record deal and paints the picture of breaking up with someone and then seeing them out for the first time after the breakup. “One Number Away,” another one of Combs’ popular songs, was played near the end, keeping up the crowd’s momentum as it hurdled them onto their feet. 

Ending the action-packed concert on a high note, Combs’ final song of the night he performed “Beer Never Broke My Heart” which is currently number one on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.