Dear Evan Hansen, A Life Changing Story

Dear Evan Hansen impresses as the play’s focuses on universal themes prove to be applicable to everyone.

Grace Hills, Reporter

The musical Dear Evan Hansen came to Kansas City from Oct. 15 to Oct. 20.  The Tony award-winning musical encompasses almost every universal struggle into an incredibly moving two and a half hours. Ranging from loneliness, suicide and depression to money and parenting, the show gives a realistic yet heartfelt meaning to it all. 

The show began with an abrupt ringing, bouncing from wall to wall. It’s the unmistakable sound of an apple ringtone. The set glides as the characters go through a year-long period dealing with the suicide of the borderline psychopathic boy named Connor Murphy. Through the eyes of Evan Hansen, an anxiety-ridden high school senior, the audience sees how suicide can impact a stranger and a family.

As heavy as the topics are, its satirical approach engages the audience through humor. A sad type of laughter fills the audience as the dead boy cracks jokes, or the dorky sidekick makes yet another sex joke. The audience is able to go on a quick holiday away from the depressing world Evan Hansen is living in as the audience laughs off the underlying meanings. It’s sad, yet funny, structure develops a beautiful combination. 

The reign of Evan Hansen in Kansas City was a short-lived five days, with each show close to or completely sold out. The cast has come and gone from Kansas City, so the only available option to see the musical now is in New York. “Dear Evan Hansen” is worth the trip.