Trendy New Takes on Reality Dating Shows

Here are three new shows that bring out the creativity of reality dating.


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The Netfix original series “Love is Blind” premiered Feb. 13. Joining the ranks of alternative reality dating shows, the series features singles in search for love without meeting face-to-face.

Kaitlin Lyman, Reporter

Going into the new decade there has been an abundance of trends from Tik Tok dances to lifestyle choices, but one major trend that has taken over the TV world is new takes on reality dating. Reality dating viewers no longer have to wait for a new Bachelor episode every Monday night because there are now multiple new shows about dating.   

Love is Blind—Netflix

Streaming services are now dipping into the dating realm such as Netflix’s new series “Love is Blind.” The 10 part, three-week series hosted by TV personalities Vanessa and Nick Lachey, takes single men and women on a journey to find love and get engaged all before they meet in person. Although the idea of blind dating may seem crazy, it is quite entertaining to watch couples communicate and get to know each other for their personalities rather than focusing on their looks.

Flirty Dancing—FOX

Meanwhile, in the cable world, two new shows, FOX’s “Flirty Dancing” and ABC’s “Listen to Your Heart” have changed the game of reality dating. “Flirty Dancing,” hosted by actress and dancer Jenna Dewan, takes two singles who each learn a dance with a choreographer. The couple is paired up and meet for the first time when it’s time to perform. If they feel a spark the said couple will continue their relationship and go on a date. Of all the new dating shows this one is by far the most creative. Dancing is not only about the movement, it involves a lot of heart and emotion, which makes it a perfect connection opportunity for singles looking for love. 

Listen to Your Heart—ABC

The latest show, “Listen to Your Heart” from the creators of the Bachelor premieres April 13 on ABC and is hosted by American TV host Chris Harrison. Eligible bachelors and bachelorettes will go on bachelor style dates focused on music. If there is a connection and both singles are committed, they will then take their relationship to the next level. If viewers are looking for a real-life “A Star is Born” this will be the perfect show. 

As addictive as the Bachelor may be, it is nice to see something new and exciting. ‘Flirty Dancing’ and ‘Listen to Your Heart’ are a fun twist on finding love while incorporating the lifestyle of singles. For viewers who want to see more of risk when it comes to love, ‘Love is Blind’ is the perfect match. It is the type of show that will keep you on the edge of your seat while watching for the unexpected.