Asian Cuisine with a Twist

Newly opened in Overland Park, KS, South Korean restaurant BIBIBOP offers personalized meals for any preference.


Abbie Sinow

With locations at 505 W 75th St, Kansas City, MO and 11875 W 95th St, Overland Park, KS in addition to Corbin Park, BIBIBOP includes a simple deep brown and white theme with accents of orange.

Abbie Sinow, Reporter

With customizable bowl options, BIBIBOP offers every customer a meal they are bound to enjoy. BIBIBOP opened Jan. 7 in Overland Park, offering assembly-line style South Korean cuisine.

As customers walk in, they are greeted by the voice of Irene Rabongue, the friendly manager of the Overland Park location. The modern decor and comfortable furniture offer welcoming vibes to all walking through the door.  Wood tables with orange-accented chairs and white walls provide a bright and lively atmosphere, while also not overwhelming patrons with too many bright colors or designs.

Employees aid in the creation of personal bowls for each customer, consisting of a base, like rice or noodles, a protein, like meat or tofu, hot toppings, like beans or bean sprouts, and cold toppings, like vegetables and eggs, as well as a sauce, like teriyaki or sesame ginger. The employees along the assembly line know everything about the cuisine and are willing to help with any questions or concerns. The customer service was beyond remarkable as they amiably walk each customer through the process.

Abbie Sinow
BIBIBOP is an Asian grill that offers customizable South Korean cuisine bowls and homemade drinks.

BIBIBOP also offers homemade drinks, including sweet green tea and passion fruit lemonade. The passion fruit lemonade is sweet with a hint of lemon, which helps cut the sweetness so it’s not overpowering. It has a tropical flavor, like a juice medley that was hand-crafted to create the best ratio of each fruit.

Abbie Sinow
At $7.99 per bowl, BIBIBOP offers an array of options for contents and includes a complimentary side of Miso soup.

Priced at $7.99 for a bowl, BIBIBOP offers affordable, yet filling meals. Also offered is a free side of Miso soup, a light savory soup with hints of onion that provides a perfect side to a heavier meal.

For the price, BIBIBOP delivers high-quality elements to the meals. The chicken is tender and flavorful, and the vegetables are fresh and crisp.

With endless options, BIBIBOP has something for everyone. The create-your-own style similar to Chipotle provides each customer with exactly what meal they would like. Although the location on 135th just opened, other locations include Oak Park Mall and Waldo. As BIBIBOP continues to expand across the Kansas City area, everyone is guaranteed satisfaction with personalized options.


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