Onward is a Classic Pixar Success

Onward shows unconditional and selfless love through a fun and nerve-racking adventure.


MCT Campus

"Onward" was released March 6 and provides the classic, heartwarming plot of Pixar movies.

Paula Sweeny, Copy Editor

Released March 6, “Onward” depicts the heartwarming and at times, nerve-racking, journey of two brothers racing against the clock at the chance to see their late father once more. Their journey is one of deception, trust and selflessness that really puts things in perspective, even for a high school senior. This PG-rated movie is surprisingly moving and quite the crowd-pleaser. It’s hard to have something negative to say about a movie with such a positive message of love and sacrifice.

The movie moves through the life of 16-year-old elf Ian Lightfoot, played by Tom Holland, and his adventures with his brother Barley, played by Chris Pratt. They’re on the race against time as they must find a precious gem to be able to see their father. He gifted them a present that would allow them to see him before he died but they only get one day. As they look for this gem, they face ups and downs, sticky situations and scenarios that put a strain on their relationship. Ian, the timid and anxious teen, learns things about Barley, the wild and “screw-up” one of the two, that he would have never gotten the chance to before. Both brothers grow throughout the movie and showing a complete character development through a plot twist and their reaction of selflessness and sacrifice at the climax of the film.

If viewers are looking for something new and different, this may not be the movie for them. But, as for a Pixar movie, viewers can’t ask for much more than this. It has the classic storyline of conflict, adventure, more conflict and resolution that will have viewers leaving the movie theater in good spirits. It contains a good, genuine message which is something all ages would enjoy. This movie is the classic, Pixar, heartwarming story that we all know and love.