5 Ways to Pass Time While Social Distancing

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and social distancing is encouraged, here are five things to do in your idle time.

Maleah Downton, Web Editor-in-Chief

This past Sunday, March 15, president Alicia Kotarba announced the closing of in-person classes until April 6. This measure follows the actions of many U.S. cities’ attempt at curbing the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. With only five days left before students begin online-learning, here are five things to do at home to help pass the time as you practice social distancing.

Lucy Stofer

1. Read a Book

One of the century-old go-to methods of entertainment is reading books. For many high school students, finding the time outside of school work and obligations to read for pure enjoyment is hard to come by. During this time of social distancing, picking up a good book is a fun, productive way to pass time. With the recent release of the Autumn de Wilde directed film “Emma,” now is a perfect time to read Jane Austen’s classic novel of the same name from which it derives. Young-adult fiction writer Angie Thomas’ “The Hate U Give” and “On the Come Up” are great reads in anticipation for the reveal of her third novel. In light of the world’s current pandemic with COVID-19, now might also be a good time to read up on pandemics of the past with Richard Preston’s nonfiction thriller ‘The Hot Zone: The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus.”

Molly Conway

2. Take on a New Hobby

During this time of isolation, use this time as an opportunity for exploration. Building a new hobby provides a great way to challenge and grow within your confined space, whether that be journaling, art, sports, videogames or music. Do something that you’ve always wanted to try and stick with it. With habit-building it is essential to set goals, specifically short term goals. As you take on a new hobby outside of your typical comforts, be sure to measure your progress. If you take on journaling, set the goal of one line per day at the minimum. Ensure the goals are both manageable and attainable. For art, you could allot at the minimum one hour of the day to art. At the end of the week, go back and reflect to see if you maintained your goals. From there, decide to set new ones. Hobbies are meant to be enjoyable pastimes—find what makes you happy.

Anna Tomka

3. Binge Your Favorite Shows

Who doesn’t love a good binge-session? In these days of social distancing, use this time to cuddle up with your favorite television series. Though many shows have halted production with the COVID-19 outbreak, full-series are available on Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ for viewers during this time.  Head to Netflix to binge season one and newly released season two of their Netflix original “All American.” If in the mood for a long-term binge, check out Hulu to watch all 22 seasons of “America’s Next Top Model.” Go over to Disney+ for childhood nostalgia and binge season one and two of the “Proud Family” in anticipation for the upcoming reboot “Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.”

4. Enjoy Family Fun Time

With busy and conflicting schedules, family time can become hard to come by. Take this time of isolation to have fun with the immediate family. Pull out board game classics like Clue, Monopoly or Life for classic family competition. Join together with popcorn and snacks for a classic family movie night. Follow in the footsteps of celebrity couple Ciara and Russel Wilson and take your stab at Tik Tok’s #SomethingNewChallenge with your family. Whether this family fun time is through a game of charades, a movie night or hopping on the trend of creating family Tik Toks, the act of bonding during this time of pandemic is essential in maintaining good spirits. Also, be sure to take this time to reach out to any family members—specifically elderly relatives as they are most at risk.

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Some arriving travelers at the Orlando International Airport wear masks Thursday, March 12.

5. Get Up to Date and Stay Informed

It is important to take this COVID-19 outbreak seriously. The threat it poses to the wellness of the world should not be taken lightly. As you take precautions with social distancing, take this time to get up to date and familiar with the coronavirus pandemic. Keep up with national and local news surrounding responses to COVID-19. Through staying informed, you join the efforts of the world in limiting the virus’ spread. When doing research, it is imperative that the information is coming from a reliable and trusted source. Turn to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, White House officials, local health departments, local leaders, national news stations and local news stations to ensure that you receive factual information.