Disney Pixar’s Latest Hit: “Soul”

The Pixar movie “Soul” shows compassion and drive through an incredible adventure.


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“Soul” was released on December 25 and provides the heartwarming plot of a Pixar movie.

Kate Conway, Photo Editor

Disney Plus’ latest Pixar release “Soul” notes the big questions of life’s purpose and meaning while still being able to reach the primarily child audience. Released on Christmas Day to Disney Plus “Soul” is an inspiring movie unlike anything done before. In “Soul”, Joe Gardener played by Jamie Foxx, finally feels like his life is on track- about to play music at his dream performance, until he wakes up in the “Great Beyond”. Joe is mistaken for someone who has died and whose soul has gone to the “Great Beyond”. The “Great Beyond” is run by “soul consolers” whose animation really sets the movie apart from other animated films. The souls in the “Great Beyond” look like little blue glowing ghosts. In this place the recently deceased are assigned to mentor and help souls leave the “Great Before” and go to Earth. 

Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) , a part-time music teacher, perseus his dream of sharing his musical talent. (MCT Campus )

The “soul” that Joe is assigned to is “22”, played by Tina Fey. 22 is reluctant to leave the “Great Before” and go to Earth. Joe needs to get 22 certified so he can return to Earth in time for his big performance. But 22 and Joe become an unlikely team and begin to search for the answers to all of life’s most difficult questions. Although the middle portion of the movie is a little slower the pace picks back up and ties together for a powerful ending.


The computer-animation is similar to that of Pixar’s Inside Out. The two movies have a similar premise because both go beyond the general ideas of a kids movie and beg for deeper questions which allows this movie to be enjoyable as a family movie for all watching it. Although some portions of the movie may go over some of the younger audience’s head, this allows the movie to reach a larger audience. “Soul” was a very different take than the average Pixar movie which I personally enjoyed. The only downfall of the otherwise great movie was the slow middle portion which got a little boring for me. Overall, this unique take on the before and after life, incredible animation, and deeper story line create a never done before approach on the deeper questions we search for the answers to in life. 

Joe Gardner, voiced by Jamie Foxx, starred in “Soul”.
(MCT Campus)