Jinkies! Is a Blast To The Past

Jinkies! Coffee and Hangout offers customers great coffee, delicious pastries, and impeccable vibes.


Ella Rogge

Jinkies! offers a vast menu of different coffee drinks ranging in flavor and strength, this iced Cookie Dough Latte was pleasing both to the eye and tongue.

Ella Rogge, A&E Editor

Jinkies! Coffee and Hangout, located on 151st St. in Overland Park, greets customers with endearing lighting, bright, white tabletops, vibrantly-colored chairs, 1970’s posters and decor, and cheerful employees welcoming customers in. The employees offer genuine advice on top menu items and create an open environment encouraging customers to try new items, such as their vast collection of specialty and seasonal drinks.

The ambiance in the building is absolutely spectacular. It lives up to its promise of a 1970’s, groovy, welcoming environment. With Rolling Stones posters on the walls and vinyl records covering the building, it is exactly what it promises. The decor definitely adds to the enjoyable experience that Jinkies! provides.

Ranging from cold brews to lattes, the coffee presented a smooth, rich flavor with nutty undertones, perfect for any coffee connoisseur but somewhat disappointing to those who solely drink coffee for the caffeine, judging solely off of cream and sweetener. The drinks, while creative in flavor and combination of ingredients, displayed a range of satisfaction between sips with prominent separation of straight espresso in one and full cream in the next, invariant to how mixed it may seem. 

Along with coffee, Jinkies! offers customers a vast variety of pastries and baked goods to choose from. The blueberry muffin, in particular, had a flawless texture of crumbly sugar dusted on the top while remaining soft, fluffy. It had the perfect muffin to blueberry ratio, having just enough that the blueberries did not take away from the muffin as whole but rather added to the experience.  

Overall, Jinkies! Coffee and Hangout has a warm, welcoming environment perfect for new customers and those returning. As their coffees are a little strong but still satisfying and their baked goods are irreparable, this reviewer would definitely say it’s worth the drive.

Jinkies’ blueberry muffin satisfies with its perfect range of textures.
Equipped with beautiful, natural lighting and fixtures, Jinkies! has a welcoming environment.