Underrated Restaurants in KC

Check out these underrated restaurants in the Kansas City area that deserve the hype.


Keely Schieffer, Co-Photo Editor

I am a sucker for the classic, good-old chain restaurants. Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A are my go tos, but from time to time, it is nice to find somewhere new that deserves the same hype or even more than the basics.

Torchy’s Tacos is a definite go to. The somewhat new restaurant is located at 89th and State Line. Their tacos are to die for and are definitely some of the best tacos I’ve had in a while. Their tacos range from seafood to beef to tangy to spicy, they have it all. They also serve starters such as chips and queso, rice, and beans. All of their food is well priced and mouth watering. 

Another underrated restaurant is Crushed Red. The healthier option is located on 103rd and Roe Avenue. They have a large variety of salads to choose from in which they make in front of you, just like at Chipotle. Their salads are more than enough and inexpensive for the amount of food you are receiving. If you are not in the salad mood, they also have other options such as flatbreads, soups, and pizzas to choose from. Overall, Crushed Red is a quick and easy option to stop by if you are hungry.

Lastly, an amazing pizza place located on 95th and Mission is a must try if you are a   pizza lover. Dewey’s Pizza is a great option; the service is fast and the food is amazing. Their specialty pizzas are unlike any others that I have seen before in the sense that they are unique to Dewey’s and they never disappoint. The aesthetic and decor of Dewey’s makes the experience that much better. I would definitely suggest this spot if you are craving pizza.

All of these places provide an assortment for whatever food you are in the mood for. I would recommend these places to anyone because they never disappoint and don’t always receive the same amount of credit that Chipotle or Chick-Fil-A would receive. Next time you are hungry, try out one of these spots.