Netflix’s “Cheer”: A Pyramid Scheme

The new season of “Cheer” fell flat on its face.


Ashley Williams

Cheerleaders line up for the National Anthem before the football game commences.

Ava Albracht, Web Editor in Chief

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and the competition between Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) and Navarro College is as stiff as ever. The new season of “Cheer” released on Jan. 12, 2022, had me on my toes wondering who the winner would be. This time, the series not only covered Navarro cheerleaders, but it also included their rival school, Trinity Valley College. The season began in 2020 as the Navarro cheerleaders were beginning to grow more and more famous, being interviewed by major news networks in practice and getting brand deals on Instagram. While I agree that they should take every opportunity they can, I’m unsure of how doing an advertisement for a dairy farm helps them build their brand, but watching them eat grass was quite comical. At this point in the season, it felt like Navarro had shifted their focus off of solely cheer and became a little bit distracted.

The season then fast-forwarded to 2021 with both teams stacked with fresh talent. While I was sad to see some of the familiar faces leave, having new talent allowed the season to not be so similar to Season 1 which I was excited about. Although the team struggled to bond during the pandemic, I thought that it was refreshing because it was extremely relatable as a student-athlete. While Navarro is always number 1 for me, getting to know TVCC only increased my anticipation for Daytona. I loved Jada Wooten’s newfound leadership and the Weenie’s jokes were nostalgic of middle school boys. What really upset me about this season is that I was unaware that TVCC and Navarro were the only teams in their division. Upon making this discovery, the show lost its effect on me and made me feel as though I wasted my time. I would not recommend watching this show unless you want to fall victim to Netflix’s marketing geniuses and waste time thinking about Daytona, when in reality, either way, both teams will either get first or second. With the weekly drop of Euphoria, And Just Like That, and Emily in Paris to watch I prefer to not spend my time and emotions invested in “Cheer”.