Snow Day Shenanigans

Here are some tips on how to have fun on a snow day.


Megan Kelley, News and Sports Editor

Watching the tv, you wait for your school to pop up.Your school name pops up, school’s cancelled for the day. A feeling of joy swells up in your chest. This is an opportunity to take the day off and relax. Now that school is off, what are your options for activities?


One of the many snow day activities that I love to do is to curl up with a book. The snowy weather makes a person want to curl up in their fuzziest blanket with an action packed book. This activity allows you to have a mug of hot chocolate while reading, all in all creating the warm fuzzy feeling that is associated with snow days.


Along with curling up by the fire with a book, you can curl up on the couch with a comedy. A cold snowy day is the perfect time to watch any movies you’ve been adding to  your list. Movies can make the day off of school transform into an adventure. Now may be the time to turn on Netflix and search through the recommendations.


If you’re the type to want to go outside and play in the snow there are many exciting snow activities you can do outside. A fun thing to do in the snow is to build a snowman. Anybody can build a regular snowman. But if you are in the mood for a challenge, try creating animals, people or igloos.

Everybody loves to go outside to see the creations that people make. When building a snowman a fun way to decorate it is to get creative with items around the house. Picture from Pexels


Another option is to dig out your sled from the basement and try to find the biggest slope around. Some good ideas may be the hill out in front of your house, a sledding hill nearby, or going out with friends to Meadowbrook Park. This is always a fun thing that you can do repetitively and it makes you get very active.


A fun thing to do is to go sledding on the slopes. Drag out your sled and slide down the hills. Picture from Pexels
A snowball fight can be the way to put a smile on anybody’s face. Gather up the biggest stack of snowballs and start throwing. Picture from Pexel

Another fun thing to do on a snow day is to have a snowball fight. Whether you’re in the middle of a friendly feud with your siblings, friends, or neighbors, what better way to release pent-up energy than a snowball fight? This can make your hands and face cold if you don’t have the proper gear, but with a planned strategy and the right gear, you could end up the snowball fight champion. My personal favorite strategy to bring home a win is to build a fort or wall, then hide behind it while chucking the snow balls.


With a day off of school, this gives you the option to relax or to take advantage of the fun snowy weather. Some of the many activities include reading a book, watching a movie or show, building a snowman, sledding and having a snowball fight.