Spring Break Must Haves

Here’s the quick reminder to remember the essentials when packing for a spring break trip.


With spring break just around the corner, here is everyones reminder to remember the easily forgettable essentials.

Your Cutest Clothes:

Not a specific object, but cute clothes are a must have for spring break. Not only do cute outfits serve as a confidence boost, but they look good in pictures taken throughout the trip. While some might say its important to stick to the essentials and not overpack, it is better to be prepared for any social situation requiring different types of clothing, rather than be left having to make the decision of whether its more important to attend said social gathering, or to dress properly for the night out on the town or fancy white table cloth restaurant. With the right combinations of articles of clothing, one will be ready to take on the week no matter how many pictures are taken or outfit changes are needed. 

An Infinite Amount of Sunglasses:

No matter the spring break destination, sunglasses are a necessity. Whether it’s for protecting one’s eyes from the beaming sun rays while they bask on the beach or from the sunlight reflecting off of the snow after a long day of skiing, some form of sunglasses will help make the outdoor experience more enjoyable, while also serving as a cute accessory for an outfit. Stores such as Francesa’s, American Eagle, Target, and more sell fashionable but affordable pairs of glasses. I recommend packing several pairs since it is very easy to lose a pair or two of glasses throughout the trip, whether it’s into the ocean, down a mountain, or just quickly checking out from a hotel room.  

Sunglasses are a must, especially when traveling to the beach.

An Infinite Amount of Snacks:

Then there’s the travel aspect of vacation. Whether you are flying or driving, in a big group or a small group, there’s undeniably always going to be some form of tension throughout the travel days. Its also a well known fact that people who are experiencing hanger(the combination of being angry and hungry at the same time) are more likely to either start drama during a long roadtrip or prove to be problematic in other ways. Which brings me to my next suggestion: snacks. Especially on road trips, but also on airplanes, are snacks a necessity. Fast food or restaurants might not always be available during meal times when traveling, so loading up on ones favorite snacks before traveling is important. Gas station snacks can also be helpful in a pinch. While selection may not be as broad, it can be a good way to get out of the car and stretch one’s legs.

Layers upon Layers:

Spring break takes place in March which means in most if not all popular spring break destinations there will be some weather variation. Cold mornings, hot afternoons, and chilly evenings should be expected in most places, especially Florida. Places such as Colorado, which will be consistently cold, and Mexico, which will be consistently hot, should have less weather variation, but regardless, it would be wise to bring layers. While this means heavier packing, it also means preparation for any possible weather. Packing layers usually means a base layer of shorts and/or a T-Shirt, long pants, a jacket, and possibly a heavy coat. 

Your Wallet:

Last but definitely not least, never forget your wallet on vacation. Not only does your wallet most likely contain your ID and driver’s license, but it also holds your cash and/or debit/credit card. These objects are necessary for obvious reasons such as paying for food, ubers, activities, and legally driving a car, but also importantly: souvenirs. For some, shopping for clothes and souvenirs while on vacation can be an important event in and of itself. A sweatshirt, T-Shirt, magnet, or pin with the name of your vacation location can be a perfect memento to take home and remind you to have the special memories made over spring break 2022. 

It is also essential to bring a wallet containing cash, cards, and a license everywhere you go.