Earth Day Pep Assembly

On April 22, 2022, the entire Sion community had a pep assembly celebrating the raffle and STUCO and Earth Day.


Brianna Legette

The senior class leaps up from their seats to cheer on their classmates.

Brianna Legette, A&E Editor

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  • Scream team member junior Amelia Maguire was MCing the pep assembly.

  • STUCO member Lucy Shively and junior Chloe Welch are discussing the listening game which all the grades are playing.

  • Junior Addie Heistand has headphones on trying to listen to what her partner is saying.

  • The classes cheer on their classmates.

  • The senior class cheers on their classmates who are currently trying to gather points for their grade through competition.

  • Senior Olivia Mancina rolls the dice to see how many points she’ll earn for the senior class.

  • Senior Sophia Totta tries to swallow whatever food she had to eat for the round of competition.

  • The juniors cheer on their classmate.

  • Senior Maddie Haukap tries to eat baby food as quickly as she can.

  • The juniors continue to cheer for their classmate.

  • The grades scream their lungs out cheering on their classmates.

  • Senior Grace Townsend ties a bandana around her head.

  • Sion student reaches for the chair in a game of blindfold musical chairs.

  • Senior Sophia McClure crawls, trying to find a chair to sit on.

  • Senior Grace Townsend and another student fight over a spot in the chair.

  • The senior class leaps up from their seats to cheer on their classmates.

  • Senior Anna Sheedy shoots the basketball in an effort to make it in the basket.

  • Members of the junior class laugh with each other, as they are preparing for the human log roll.

  • Senior Carmen Phillips lets her senior classmates roll her along to the other side of the gym

  • Junior Zoey Marshall surfs over her classmates.

  • The Drum line ends off the pep assembly with a performance.

  • Junior Iyanna Coleman walks up playing with a smile on her face.

  • Members of the Drum Line laugh as they perform.

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