The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Coachella 2022

The 10 best dressed and the 10 worst dressed from weekends one and two of Coachella.

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Elle Simon, Features Editor

Coachella: when all the kooky, crazy fashion comes together in the desert. As your resident fashion guru here at Le J, I’m getting the chance to play Haute Le Mode (my favorite fashion YouTuber) for a little bit and give you my 10 best and worst dressed from Coachella 2022. So here it goes, Elle Simon’s Coachella weekends one and two fashion roast.


Harry Styles 

From the official Gucci Instagram

Harry Styles absolutely outshone the rest of the performers in this custom Gucci number. From the rainbow circles to the deep scoop neckline, Styles’ jumpsuit screams Coachella to me. I love how shiny it is and it’s very different from anything he’s worn before. 

Alessandra Ambrosio

From Alessandra Ambrosio’s Instagram

Alessandra Ambrosio brought back the 2014 boho Coachella aesthetic but with a 2022 twist. Neons have been a huge trend lately and I adore the pops of hot pink in the bag and sunglasses that pair perfectly with the white jumpsuit. 

Andie Johnston

From Andie Johnston’s Instagram

Andie Johnston brought cowgirl to a whole new level. I’m living for the red printed two piece set with the shimmering red cowboy boots. If this is how we do cowboy fashion from now on, count me in. 

Leonie Hanne

From Leonie Hanne’s Instagram

Leonie Hanne knocked it out of the park with this look from REVOLVE. From the butterfly earrings to the shimmery skirt, she’s giving off fairy garden princess vibes and I’m here for it. The whole fit is simple yet put together so cohesively that it’s eye catching.  

Vanessa Hudgens 

From Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens really knocked it out of the park with this fit. ​I love how simplistic her outfit is and it’s giving me California girl vibes. She’s bringing back classic Coachella but making it modern and chic. 


From Gucci’s official Instagram

Måneskin took my breath away with these custom Gucci pieces. I feel like all the outfits for each member of the band fit so well all together and they fit Måneskin’s vibe perfectly. I love how each outfit has touches of femininity and masculinity in the perfect balance. 

Doja Cat 

From Swarovski’s official Instagram

Doja Cat was one of the best dressed women at Coachella this year. I love this blue and orange number and I think the colors really pop on Doja’s beautiful brown skin. In my opinion, only Doja could pull off this look and she sure did. 


From Lizzo’s Instagram

Lizzo is really looking “Good as Hell” with this pink number. I love the mix of materials from a shiny hot pink fabric to a matte hot pink fabric. The fun little tassels on the pants give the outfit some fun character as well. 

Alisha Marie 

From Alisha Marie’s Instagram

Wearing your own brand? Iconic. Alisha Marie stunned in this custom two piece set from Parallel Apparel. I think the color is very different from all the bright neons that we saw this year and I’m obsessed with the little chain details on the bucket hat and the shoes. 

Emma Chamberlain 

From Emma Chamberlain’s Instagram

Emma Chamberlain turned up with a very different look than her past Coachella outfits. However, I’m digging the new grown up look that Emma is serving this year. I’m always in awe of how Emma can style the most interesting pieces into something simple yet sophisticated. 


James Charles 

From James Charles’ Instagram

Um okay James? It wouldn’t be Coachella without a James Charles look, but this one was a miss. I really hate the thermal bodysuit and as much as it’s eye-catching, it’s just plain ugly. James we know it’s hot in the desert, we don’t need a walking weather map. 

Megan Thee Stallion



From Coachella’s Instagram

Megan Thee Stallion’s weekend two fit is not really giving me the ohs and ahas. I’m really not loving the modern meets sci-fi vibes I’m getting from this. The only thing I have to say about this Dolce and Gabbana metallic bodysuit is, alien warrior meets Frozone. 

Carly Rae Jepsen

From Alex Perkins’ Instagram

Well Carly Rae, please call you stylist; don’t call them maybe. This all lace number is giving me grandma’s dining room table vibes. Dear Carly Rae, this is Coachella not an adventure on your pirate ship. 

Charli D’Amelio

From Charli D’Amelio’s Instagram

While both have a ferris wheel, Charli this is Coachella not the county fair. While I appreciate simplicity and this isn’t the worst outfit in the world, I would have loved to see more from her. The white eyelet dress is giving me summer in the Hamptons vibes, and doesn’t say Coachella.  

Conan Gray 


From @conanupdating on Twitter

Conan Gray chose another pink Valentino outfit for weekend two. While I love the bright and sparkly fit, the difference in the pattern of sequins is really pulling me away from making me love this outfit. I’m really not loving those bubblegum pink platform boots either.  

Billie Eilish

From Coachella’s Instagram

I normally love Billie’s baggy fits, but I’m really wishing that she would have done something a little more fun. In the past year, Billie has really done some incredible, jaw dropping looks and I think that this was a missed opportunity to do something similar. I’m just really underwhelmed with Billie’s outfit and my biggest ick is the kneepads. 

Rico Nasty 

From Rico Nasty’s Instagram

Car dealership wacky inflatable meets the devil. When I saw this outfit, my immediate reaction was “What the heck is this”. Rico Nasty’s Coachella fit was just really tacky, and by tacky I mean literally because the entire thing is latex. I’m really disturbed by this fit and I want to forget that it ever happened.  

Maggie Rogers 


From Maggie Rogers’ Instagram

Again, I’m left wanting more. Maggie Rogers’ outfit is very underwhelming. This feels like something that you could wear at any other performance, but for Coachella the mark was very much so missed. 

The Weeknd

From The Weeknd’s Instagram

Well I guess The Weeknd will be replacing Daniel Craig. The Weeknd pulled out a very very underwhelming outfit for weekend two; black pants and a shirt with a combat vest over top. It’s honestly so boring and we’ve all seen that The Weeknd has the ability to pull off some incredible stuff, but didn’t take the chance at one of the most fashion forward events of the year. 


From Coachella’s Instagram

Anitta’s Coachella weekend two fit was not doing it for me. While I love the tribute to her home country, Brazil, with the colors of her outfit, I’m really not in love. The Frozone glasses and the placement of the spikes and the copious amounts of chain necklaces aren’t doing the outfit justice. In fact lose the chains and the Frozone glasses and the fit would be a lot better.