“Enola Holmes 2” Will Solve Your Case of Picking a Movie To Watch

“Enola Holmes 2” is filled with action, excitement, and heartfelt moments.

Enola Homes 2 movie cover photo featuring main characters, Enola Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, and Tewkesbury.


Enola Homes 2 movie cover photo featuring main characters, Enola Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, and Tewkesbury.

Kate Peters, News & Sports Editor

If you’re looking for a mystery movie to curl up and watch in this cold weather, then “Enola Holmes 2” is the movie for you! The exciting action packed sequel to “Enola Holmes” was released on Netflix on October 27. It is based on the book “The Case of the Missing Marquess” by Nancy Springer.

The first movie follows Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) as she travels London to find her missing mother. Through her travel she runs into Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge), a runaway, and they decide to travel together and attempt to solve a mystery that threatens their lives. 

But enough about the first movie! Most of the time sequels aren’t as good as the original, but “Enola Holmes 2” is the exception. The sequel shows more of Enola’s life and her first case as a professional detective. 

The movie starts with Enola being chased by two police officers through the streets of London. She then tells us, “Perhaps I should explain.” The movie rewinds and goes back to when Enola first established her own detective agency in London. Unfortunately, the success of her older brother makes it challenging for her to form her own reputation.

Enola Holmes runs from the police at the start of “Enola Holmes 2” (Netflix)

Just as it seems like Enola’s business might be failing, a young girl comes to her asking for help finding her missing sister. Enola eagerly takes the case, but it proves to be more difficult than she initially thought.

As an inexperienced detective, Enola needs help and turns to none other than her brother, Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). Throughout the film, Sherlock’s love for Enola is evident. His pride for all her accomplishments made my heart sing.

Enola Holmes shares a conversation with her older brother Sherlock Holmes. (Netflix)

The return of the beloved Tewkesbury  brings along a love story for Enola. I was on the edge of my seat watching their perfect blossoming romance unfold over the course of the movie. 

Tewskesbury and Enola share an intimate moment as the pair dance together. (Netflix )

Now the film itself is amazing but there are a few things about it that weren’t the best. The movie didn’t entirely stick to the book it’s based on. Most movies adapted from books don’t do this which is always a letdown and this time it was a letdown with “Enola Holmes 2”. 

Another thing that bothered me personally was that Enola hated asking for help from others. This is a trait that many independent girls have, it’s something that I personally struggle with, and I hate it. The fact that Enola goes through it as well makes the movie a little bit unenjoyable for me when I see scenes where she struggles with asking a friend for help. 

The movie Enola Holmes 2 is a success, it had me extremely excited all around and I already want the third one already. Now if you like adventure movies filled with excitement, twists and turns just like me, then the Enola Holmes series is for you.