Your Go-To Christmas Gift Guide

Last minute Christmas shopping? Don’t know what to get your dad, or siblings? Did you get your furry friend a special something? Here’s our 2022 gift guide to help all your loved ones have a gift they will enjoy.


Perfectly wrapped presents await to be opened on Christmas morning.

Arleth Guevara, Editorials Editor

With the holidays right around the corner, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for some of your loved ones. Here’s your guide for the perfect gifts for your loved ones!


Moms do a lot, from cooking, and cleaning, to being an ear to listen. What they deserve is a spa day! This holiday season makes a mom a customized self-care basket with her favorite scents and products to give her the relaxation day she deserves.


It’s unspoken fact that dads are the hardest to shop for, but they want the most practicality. You can never go wrong with a wallet or a watch, especially if it’s customizable! Emboss his initials or make it a little more personal with a phrase you share or a simple ‘from’ or ‘love’ your name or his nickname for you.   


Brothers are the one person no matter how annoying or mean they can be, you share an unbreakable bond with. If your brothers spend countless hours staring at their gaming console, then the newest video game or a new headset is the way to go. 


Sisters love stealing each other’s things, so this holiday season why not get a pair of matching clothes/jewelry? Like a customizable hoodie or matching necklaces! That way there’s no need to steal, and she has a gift to represent the bond between you and her. 


The most essential gift that must be bought is for your beloved pet! After all, they’re the emotional support animal that will help you get through finals! During these cold months, their paws get cold quickly, and ice salt is especially harmful to them, so it would be a perfect gift to get your furry friend some shoes, with perhaps a sweater to match!