Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Rihanna made a show-stopping comeback during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show.


Angela Weiss

Rihanna makes a show stopping comeback at Super Bowl LVII.

Lily Wilkin, Copy Editor

During the  Super Bowl LVII halftime show, Rihanna took the world by storm and performed for the first time in five years. 

Once the NFL announced who would be performing at this year’s Super Bowl everyone was shocked, mainly because Rihanna had been out of the spotlight for many years focusing on her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, which made an appearance during her performance. 

When the time ran out after the second quarter of the game, many workers rushed onto the field to put together the set in only seven and a half minutes. The set consisted of platforms on the field, as well as seven suspended platforms, to “protect the grass” Wired reporter Angela Wirecutter said. The NFL spent a total of $800,000 on the turf for the game. 

The set was put up in just under eight minutes, and was smaller than all other Super Bowl halftime show sets, in order to preserve the grass. (Kevin Sabitus )

The beginning of the show kicked off with “B– Better Have My Money” as the 34-year-old appeared on the tallest suspended platform, 60 feet above the ground. Rihanna wore an all-red Loewe jumpsuit while her backup dancers were all dressed in white puffer coats.

While performing people patiently waited to see who her guest would be, and it was none other than, Fenty Beauty. That’s right, Rihanna used her own makeup brand to touch up her makeup mid-performance.  

Rihanna closed the performance with “Diamonds”, during which she was the only person left on the field. Causing it to be a show-stopping ending with her 60 feet in the air, and the entire audience using the flashlight on their phones in support of the singer. 

Throughout her performance, Rihanna continued to rub her stomach insinuating that she was pregnant with her second child causing a debate on social media. Her agent confirmed to Rolling Stone that the singer is expecting her second child with boyfriend A$AP Rocky following the halftime show.    

Rihannah’s setlist seemed to have stumped a lot of people, as she left out many of her chart-topping songs, including: “Pon de Replay”, “Disturbia”, “Stay” and “Love The Way You Lie”. Many of which were some of the most popular songs she has ever performed. 

Another hot topic surrounding the performance was the ASL interpreter, Justina Miles. She is the first Black woman to interpret a Super Bowl halftime show, and it was evident that Miles was having the time of her life during the performance. 

Justina Miles was the first ever Black Woman to be an ASL interpreter at a Super Bowl.
(Rob Carr)

Overall, Rihanna’s performance was loved by many, but some were underwhelmed by the lack of theatrics. She didn’t dance much, and it was noticeable that she was lip-synching. Many factors could contribute to this, especially the pregnancy, and the NFL’s strict laws on what she could and couldn’t do.