Where Is Your Top From?

Influencers and other fashion week attendees wear some of the most lavish clothing but how do they afford all of it?


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Lots of celebrities wear high end expensive outfits for fashion week. These looks are beautiful and can be expensive. Devoras’s look is from CULT GAIA.

Genesis Martinez Porras, News & Sports Editor, A&E Editor

Fashion month is a big deal all over the world. There are big headline shows from New York to Paris. These shows draw a large crowd of buyers, photographers, celebrities, and influencers, but the front rows are where the most popular (and influential) celebrities, fashion icons, and influencers sit and they are always the best dressed. 

But where do they get all the high end outfits for each event during fashion week? To an average person, the money that is supposedly spent on these over-the-top outfits is too much for a short period of time. Most of these outfits will be worn for a few pictures, the event, and never be seen again.  

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The main way influencers and other fashion week attendees are able to wear all these luxurious clothes is through brand partnerships.  When influencers  post a photo fans will want to buy a similar outfit as them, so brands give influencers codes to give their followers so that when purchased and a portion of the profits go to the influencers. Another way is that brands will partner with influencers is sending them the outfits for them to wear to the events or shows. These outfits have to be given back to the brand almost immediately after the event. 

@katebartlett Replying to @lilglowstick669 always want to be 100% transparent with you guys about things like this because I rarely see influencers talk about it! spending this amount of money on clothing is NOT realistic and not normally the case ♥️ #fashionweek #nyfw #ColorCustomizer #greenscreen ♬ original sound – kate bartlett

Brands also have sale showrooms. Sale showrooms are where buyers can see the collections that will be available for purchase after they are released.  These are amazing places for influencers to see what options brands have for them to wear to the shows. In the showrooms, influencers can work one on one with a shopping assistant or a customer service member to try on different products. 

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And sometimes, influencers will pull from what they already have in their own closet. This saves some money and gives them a chance to show off the clothes that they personally love.

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So now when you see an influencer you really like, you now have an idea of what they might have done to get their outfit. 


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