Working… Is it worth it?

Balancing work and homework can be difficult but is definitely doable

Ella Rogge, Managing Editor

Spending your afternoons and evenings working after eight hours of school definitely is not for the weak, but neither are most extracurricular activities. Having a job is an added responsibility which can increase stress at times but also opens doors to new opportunities, interests and friendships. 

In my experience, working while being in school is definitely worth the added stress and loss of free time. I work at a golf course, which is interesting because of my instilled hatred towards golf, mainly assisting members and helping with the upkeep required for each day to run smoothly. This can be exhausting at times as I am constantly carrying bags of golf clubs and completing other labor intensive activities, especially after a long day of school and leading to an even longer night of homework. But I would not trade this experience for the world, I get to be surrounded by a community of coworkers and members that care about how I am doing and what I plan to do in the future.

Working while being in school forces you to learn time management, although it is easy to overwork yourself while trying to manage everything. In this case it is important to be honest with your employer, who hopefully understands that school has to be prioritized, because falling behind in homework is not worth minimum wage. Having a scheduled break between school and homework is also refreshing at times, because although you are working, it forces you to focus on the task at hand rather than what you have to complete when you get home. You also have to be aware of your personal limitations because getting off work at ten does not leave you much time to procrastinate homework. 

Every job has different expectations and time commitments, and if you are capable of meeting these without taking a toll on your schoolwork it’s definitely worth trying, and if you do not like it you can always quit. Having a job has taught me to become more independent, giving me control over my money, my meals and my time.