Dodgeball and Firefighters Highlight Freshman Field Day

The freshmen-senior field day brought together both grades for some fun in the sun on Aug. 25.

Sydney San Agustin, Reporter

As the first full week of school comes to a close the annual freshmen-senior field day commenced in the peace garden, circle drive and gym. Featuring a theme for the first time ever, this year’s carnival based field day had activities that consisted of traditional games such as cornhole, ring toss and a football throwing game. Winners could win prizes such as slap bracelets, ankle bracelets and pencils. Other new activities included badminton, a tattoo station and giant Jenga.

“I loved all the activities. There was always something to do,” senior Melissa Hamilton said. “It’s so weird thinking that we were all freshmen just four years ago. I can’t believe how fast time has flown by.”

For the first time, t-shirts were given out to both classes. The senior’s shirts said “leading with compasSION” while the freshmen’s said “compasSION is catching” on the front as well as “light the fire” on the back. The freshmen-senior field day is about “beginnings and ends” according to head freshmen class sponsor Lisa Lauck.

“It’s a celebration of the beginning of the 4 year journey that the freshmen are on,” Lauck said. “Both are kind of going through this exciting transition and that’s why we put them together, the wisdom of the older and the excitement of the new kind of invigorates everyone.”

The first ever field day yoga class was held and many students from both grades participated in the gym. Later, the seniors played the freshmen in both kickball and dodgeball. The day finally wrapped up with popsicles and getting drenched by the fire department, who brought their trucks to spray water on the students.

“The firetruck coming was a cool way to end the day. It gave a chance for people to cool off after yoga and kickball,” senior Mariah Lynn said.”It gave me another opportunity to have fun with my new maison freshmen.”

The field day welcomed the freshmen with various activities while encouraging the freshmen to make friends within their own grade along with the seniors. For many, the day was action packed and full of lifelong memories.

“I thought field day was super fun. I really enjoyed playing kickball against the seniors and making new friends,” freshman Jayden Runchey said.