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Annual Olympic Games Continues School Spirit Tradition

Students and staff celebrate school spirit through costumes, dances and games.

Cecilia Mohacsi, Editorial Editor

The seniors, who represented the United States, won the annual school-wide Olympic games decked out in red, white and blue Friday, March 2. Colors representing Sweden, Fiji and Brazil also filled the bleachers in the gym for the class competition. Students dressed up in theme for their countries and members of Student Council decorated class hallways.

“We didn’t have a lot of time to decorate the night before,” sophomore Kamryn Rogers said. “I think it made it more exciting for everyone to decorate in the morning because we were able to hand out leis and we had a dance party which was a great way to start the day.”

The games were kicked off with an opening ceremony of STUCO members from each grade performing self-choreographed dances. Teacher judges Reynold Middleton, Sarah Johnson and Jenny Campbell gave scores after each dance for the first round of competition among grades.

“My favorite part was the dance,” junior Lilly Concannon said. “I loved being lifted into the air and I winked at my grade.”

Scream team leaders seniors Aidan McEnerney, Mary Evans and Mandy Mayer planned a series of games to play from a relay race to Olympic trivia that included teachers as well. A twist on musical chairs that had participants blindfolded and crawling on the floor searching for chairs deemed the most popular as students and faculty stood laughing uncontrollably according to STUCO sponsor and history teacher Jenny Brown-Howerton.

“The musical chairs was hilarious,” Brown-Howerton said. “I was laughing so hard my cheeks were hurting.”

The Olympics are a tradition that brings school spirit and friendly competition together with the entire school.

“I think it’s all about school spirit and building a sense of community and having a good time,” Brown-Howerton said.

This event marks the last Olympic games for the senior class, bringing lasting memories and emotions for executive student body president Carolyn Dickey.

“It is kind of bittersweet because it’s a really long process of planning and meeting, but for it to be our last one even though sometimes you dread doing all these things,” Dickey said. “It’s hard but all good things come to an end.”

As the games ended, the seniors came out on top with the juniors in second, and the 2018 games closed with students belting the school song.

“STUCO has meant a lot to me and it’s been a great year, but onto new things,” Dickey said.

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