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Purple and White Spirit Fight

Students celebrated the end of spirit week with an all-school field day.

Stephanie Vince, Reporter


The high school celebrated the end of spirit week with the first purple and white field day Sept. 21. The field day was full of activities for the school such as jousting, teacher dunk tank, and a color run.

Students also had the opportunity to dunk faculty by purchasing a dunk tank ticket. Tickets were selling for $1 and all the proceeds, $95, went to Sock it to Poverty. The tickets also awarded maisons with spirit points.

“Dunking Mid was awesome,” sophomore Brynna Dow said. “I really wanted to do that.”

Maisons picnicked around the school for lunch. They could picnic inside or outside as it was in the mid-60s and overcast.

“Mrs. Pino-Dressman brought a bunch of blankets and we sat out on the softball field,” junior Olivia Martin said. “We talked about our highs and lows of the week.”

After lunch, purple and white teams battled it out with a sheet water balloon toss, and then broke up into three rotations with multiple games during each. The rotations included four square, minute to win it games, hula hoop rock, paper, scissors, soccer, tug-of-war and jousting. The day officially ended with a color run around the school. Students had the opportunity to get colors thrown at them, while going across campus. Students were then able to finish the field day with popsicles.

“I liked getting sprayed with all the color,” junior Anna Frerker said. “I also liked running around with everyone.”

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Stephanie Vince, Reporter

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