A Night Under the Stars

Students from all grade levels attended the “Night Under the Stars” themed Winter Formal Dec. 1.

Molly Conway, Print Managing Editor


The annual Winter Formal dance was held Dec. 1 in the school gym with the theme of “Night Under the Stars.”

“I had no idea what to expect for a high school dance but I had a really great time at Winter Formal,” freshman Abby Thornhill said. “It was really fun to see everyone all dressed up and I loved the theme that they picked.”

In the days leading up to Winter Formal, the student body voted for the Ice Queen and Ice Princesses for the dance. The winners were announced at the dance and senior Gracie Roberts was awarded Ice Queen while seniors Gabby Grimaldi and Keely Roudebush were awarded the Ice Princesses.

“When she called my name and I walked up on stage and everyone was cheering for me and I felt so loved,” Roberts said. “And when you think about it it’s really cool to think about that the whole school voted for you, it’s just really humbling.”

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