Chiefs Let Go of Hunt

The Kansas City released star running back, Kareem Hunt last Friday.



Kareem Hunt was released from the Chiefs after a video was released of him assaulting a woman Nov. 30.

Kamryn Rogers, Features Editor

The Kansas City Chiefs released running back, Kareem Hunt after a video surfaced Friday of him shoving and kicking a woman in a hotel Feb. 10. The Chiefs were made aware of the incident regarding Hunt earlier this year. According to the Chief’s statement, at the time of the incident, the National Football League and law enforcement launched an investigation into the matter. Several members of their management team spoke to directly to Hunt who was not truthful in those discussions. After the video’s release, the team let go of Hunt immediately.

“In the past, problems like this have happened, and the players have gone unpunished,” sophomore Gabby Gaither said. “I think it’s good now that we’ve improved and we’re actually bringing justice to the issue.”

The NFL announced Hunt’s been placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt List and will not be able to practice, play or attend games. He led the league in rushing last season as a rookie and currently ranks fifth in the league in rushing. He was in the second year of a four-year contract that pays him an average of $610,625 per season.

“He’s still growing as a person,” senior Lilly Concannon said. “He’s good at football but he’s still a young guy and kind of immature.”

At 10-2, the Chiefs are in position for their best chance at a Super Bowl title since they won it in 1970. Last Sunday, the Chiefs won their first game without Hunt against the Raiders with a score of 40-33. The Chiefs turned to Spencer Ware as their featured back. Back in 2016 after Jamaal Charles’ knee surgery, Ware filled in and led the Chiefs in rushing with 921 yards and helped them to their first AFC West championship in six years.  The 27-year-old Ware suffered an injury last August to his PCL and LCL that caused him to miss the entire 2017 season after he posted those impressive 2016 numbers. It was then, that Hunt took his spot as running back.

“I think Spencer Ware is a solid player and he definitely does a good job at that position,” junior Helen Willis said.