Giving Blood to Give Back

The National Honors Society hosts the eighth annual blood drive to help Kansas City hospitals.


Taylor Pitzl

Junior Denise Carmona donates blood at the annual blood drive organized by the National Honors Society, Feb. 2, 2018.

Ava Stoltz, News & Sports Editor

The eighth-annual blood drive will be hosted by the National Honors Society, partnering with the Community Blood Bank, Feb. 14 in the gym.

The blood drive is held yearly by the NHS in partners with the Community Blood Bank to help serve hospitals in the Kansas City area. While signups have already passed, if someone still wants to participate they can email math teacher Kristy Hilgenfeld. The process for taking blood includes a mini-physical, taking the blood and a resting period with snacks before returning to class.


Taylor Pitzl

“The entire process is about an hour,” Hilgenfeld said. “However, there’s several stages. After you’ve met certain requirements, then you donate, and that process only takes about 10 minutes.”


In the United States, there is a nationwide blood shortage, so organizations are counting on blood drives like these to help out. The blood will go to the Community Blood Bank where it will be distributed to the Kansas City area hospitals. Blood drives are a way to get involved in the community, and students who donate, even if they are turned away for medical reasons, like weight or low iron levels, will receive service hours for donating.

“It’s an easy way to get involved especially when people need blood and we have 400 girls here who can help out,” NHS President senior Kaitlin Jones said.

Hilgenfeld started donating blood as soon as she could when she turned 17 years old. Her parents regularly gave blood and she did it as many times as she could, according to Hilgenfeld.

“It’s the saving lives part and helping people part that makes it alluring to me,” Hilgenfeld said. “We all know people who have had surgery or had a blood transfusion that needed blood.”  

Senior Kendall Rogers donated blood last past year and is participating again this year. Giving blood makes her feel like she is making a difference and is something that is easy to do, yet can make a huge impact, according to Rogers.

“My mom and I like to give blood because we know there is a blood shortage so we want to help where we can,”  Rogers said.