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School Spirit Shines at Sion Olympics

The annual Olympic Games sparked competition between classes in dances, decorations and games.

Emma Hutchin, Reporter

The annual Sion Olympic Games were held March 7 in the gym, and students and staff took part in the tradition by dressing up and cheering loud.

The day began with Stuco members decorating the hallways to coordinate with each grade level’s country. Freshmen were Sweden, sophomores were the Bahamas, juniors were Ireland and the seniors carried on the legacy of being USA. Students were out of uniform for the day in order to coordinate their costumes with their countries.

“My favorite part about Olympics is either the dance or the spirit of our class,” junior Stuco Representative Brie Bowes said. “We prepped the dance for about a month and the hallway we decorated the morning of.”

After classes ended at 2 p.m., everyone flocked to the gym for the games to begin. Earlier, teachers had voted on the best-decorated hallway to award the winner points. The festivities kicked off with a game of sharks and minnows, and two girls from each grade level were called to the floor to face off against the shark, Director of Athletics Kate Pilgreen. Freshman Bridgette Conner was too quick to be caught by Pilgreen and won the first game for the freshman class. A game of blindfolded musical chairs followed, and junior Peyton Wiewel took home a win for her class.

“I’m blown away by how much effort all the girls put into the halls and costumes and dances,” Director of High School Library and Media Services Jennifer Campbell said. “I love getting to see how much pride each class has in Sion and in their grade.”

Each grade level then performed a dance to get the crowd pumped. StuCo members had rehearsed for weeks and paired songs together to go with their country of choice. Wearing coordinating outfits, each grade did flips, cartwheels and big entrances in hopes of catching the attention of the judges, math teacher Reynold Middleton, Campbell and English teacher Melissa Wilcox. The judges determined that the seniors had the best dance, followed by the juniors who won second place.

“Between mixing the music, drawing in your class, and the extra theatrics it is such a fun event to be a part of,” Campbell said. “They all put in so much effort to entertain.”

The four dances can be found here.

After the dances concluded, each grade battled in a scream-off, to earn a few final points for their team. The seniors screamed the loudest and finished off the day with a win. These points, along with the dance and decoration points, helped the seniors win Sion Olympics.

“It’s really important to keep Sion Olympics going to bring the school together so we can all just have a good time,” senior Scream Team leader Savannah Friedebach said. “It’s one day a year where everyone can get into it and just have fun and go crazy without being judged.”

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