Bishop Joins Sion for All-School Mass

For this year’s all-school Mass Sept. 6 in the high school gym, the school was joined by Bishop James Vann Johnston, Father Sunoj Thomas and Sister Mary Babic.


Sela Kincaid

Kansas City-St. Joseph regional Bishop James Vann Johnston and Father Sunoj Thomas led this years all-school Mass Sept. 6.

Kate Conway, Reporter

This year’s all-school Mass took place in the high school gym Sept. 6 led by the Kansas City-St. Joseph regional Bishop James Vann Johnston. 

The Mass was full of students—past and present—of both Sion’s grade school and high school. Sister Mary Babic, General of the Congregation of Notre Dame de Sion, also flew all the way from Rome to join the Mass, according to Director of Campus Ministry Stephanie Pino-Dressman. Bishop Johnston celebrated the graduation Mass three years ago and said he was excited to be back in the community. 

“I thought it was wonderful that the board, both schools, alumni, sisters and family were here to celebrate,” Bishop Johnston said. “It was good to see all the generations.”

The Mass consisted of various student participation.  Senior and co-morning prayer leader Anna Frecker read the first reading. Junior Emma Aguayo led the school in song and the Psalm along with the choir. 

“I was super nervous to sing in front of everyone,” Aguayo said. “But once I got up there, it was all ok and I enjoyed doing it.”

The integration of student involvement in Mass showed faith’s incorporation into daily school activities, according to Pino-Dressman. As a coordinator of this year’s all-school Mass, Pino-Dressman said she put in great effort to make the Mass go smoothly. Despite the hard work, Pino-Dressman said she was thrilled by the results.

“I enjoy working with the arts and the environment,” Pino-Dressman said. “Even if it takes a long time, I know it is worth it and it will bring someone joy.”