Saying Goodbye to the Fall Dance

The annual Fall Dance was canceled for the second year in a row.


Meg Schwartz

Senior Bridget Schumm dances in a cow-costume for the farm-themed Fall Dance Sept. 9, 2017.

Keely Schieffer, Reporter

The annual Fall Dance on Sept. 7 was canceled for the second year in a row due to low attendance. The dance was canceled last year for the same reasons and is discontinued for future years. 

“I think it was for the better for the dance to be canceled since no one was going to go and it is expensive,” Student Council representative junior Audrey O’Brien said.

The dance has an admission fee of $5 to cover the expenses of the dance. The dance fee covers security, DJ and the breathalyzer company fees. Low attendance would not cover the dance’s bills.

“I am disappointed that the dance was canceled,” assistant principal of student life Fran Koehler said. “I think the girls like having the idea of having a dance, but when it comes time, they don’t want to attend it.” 

Last year, students were surveyed on whether they would want a fall dance for this year and the majority voted yes. However, when the students were asked if they were planning on attending the school dance this year, the majority voted no. 

“It’s sad that people don’t want to go and enjoy it,” student body vice president junior Mikayla Gunther said. “At the same time, it would’ve made us not look very good since people weren’t planning on attending.” 

The Fall Dance is being discontinued for next year. The dance will not be an option due to the low numbers of attendees throughout the past couple of years.

“Next year we are not putting the dance on the calendar so we will be down to Winter Formal and Prom,” Koehler said.

With the loss of the fall dance, student council is looking for ways to expand the school’s spirit.  

“I’m a little sad about it because our school has a lack of spirit in that sense,” O’Brien said. “But we can make up for it in other areas, like sports games.”