Tri-M Hosts Recital To Benefit Hope House

The Tri-M benefit recital raises funds for domestic violence shelter.


Ava Stoltz

Sophomore Olivia Mancina and Rockhurst sophomore Ryan Campbell perform “Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Sigrid at the annual Tri-M Music Honor Society benefit recital Nov. 5. The concert raised $950 for Hope House.

Kate Conway, Reporter

Surpassing last year’s proceeds, Tri-M Music Honor Society’s fifth annual benefit recital raised $950 Nov. 5 in support of Hope House, a domestic violence shelter.

The recital opened with Tri-M presidents seniors Peyton Wade and Ceresa Munjak-Khoury welcoming the audience. The two presidents shared the purpose behind Tri-M, its goal to unite the fine arts.

“I loved preparing and we really worked hard preparing,” Mattie Mills said. “It was a lot more relaxed than most of our performances.”

Then, seniors Emma Hutchin and Anna Switzer played “Murphy’s Jig” on their violins Following their performance, Athletic Director Kate Pilgreen performed on her guitar. Juniors Mattie Mills, Sharon Kramschuster, Grace Steyer and Pilgreen performed a unique rendition “Here Comes The Sun” by the Beatles.

Ava Stoltz
Tri-M Presidents Peyton Wade and Ceresa Munjak-Khoury welcome the audience at the annual Tri-M Music Honor Society benefit recital Nov. 5 in the music room. The recital raised $950 for Hope House.

I also always love seeing the members who put a cool spin on songs that are well known,” sophomore Olivia Mancina said. “When Mattie performed Here Comes the Sun with Sharon on the drums and Grace on the saxophone, for example, it was great.”

Munjak-Khoury followed their rendition with a performance of “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. Mancina, accompanied by Rockhurst sophomore and bandmate Ryan Campbell on the piano, sang “Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Sigrid.

“I was a little nervous beforehand, but I felt confident,” Mancina said. “I know Sion is always a safe space to enjoy music and a place where I can be myself.”

After the performances, new members were inducted into Tri-M Music Honor Society: Junior Kathryn Sade, junior Pritika Manna, Kramschster, Mills, Steyer, Mancina and Aguayo. At the end of the night, Wade and Munjak-Khoury announced that they had raised a total of $950 for Hope House. Located in Jackson County, MO, Hope House’s mission is to halt the cycle of domestic violence by offering safe refugee and services for support to those impacted by domestic violence.

“My favorite part was handing the check to the Hope House representative Joymarie,” Munjak-Khoury said. “It felt rewarding for all of that hard work to be given to a good cause.”