Breakfast for a Cause

Students flocked to the annual Spanish club breakfast at 9 after receiving a late start on Jan. 22, raising $315.


Catherine Crayon

Junior Lia Concannon joined with junior Katherine Lillis at the buffet for fruit at the Spanish club breakfast Jan. 22.

Catherine Crayon, Reporter

With the scent of cinnamon rolls and coffee invading the cafeteria, Spanish club members raised $315 for an Ecuadorian girl, according to Spanish Club sponsor Alicia Gomez.

“There’s a lot of people here,” junior Hannah Borgmeyer, Spanish club treasurer, said as the breakfast began. “It’s nice because you get to see other students that you wouldn’t normally see throughout the school day.”

The cost of breakfast was $4 and options ranged from waffles to fruit and from coffee to orange juice. 

Every year the Spanish club chooses one child to sponsor and send the proceeds to, through the organization Children International. The goal this year was to raise $450 for a young girl named Nohelia in Ecuador. 

“The money we are raising today are put toward dental and medical bills, along with school supplies,” Gomez said.

Spanish club currently has 10 members. From the cups and plates to the waffles, donuts and coffee, students in the club personally donated everything that was sold during the breakfast. In one morning, the spanish club raised $315.

“My favorite food was the chocolate chip waffle. I also had a cinnamon roll so I dipped them in icing,” junior Lia Concannon said, “I also shared a toaster strudel with Katherine Lillis that was really sweet.”