Women in Ministry Luncheon Inspires

Students sat for lunch with Kansas City area religious leaders Jan. 29.

Madeline Hammett, News Editor

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  • Reverend Sharon Cantrell talks to the students at her table on Jan. 29 at the annual Women in Ministry Luncheon.

  • Sister Marcia Ziska reacts to the conversation about the sisterhood occurring at her lunch table Jan. 29 at the annual Women in Ministry Luncheon.

  • Sister Rose McLarney shares some of her service experiences with senior Phoebe Mullen Jan. 29 at the annual Women in Ministry Luncheon.

  • Reverend Dezo Scheiner has a conversation with sophomore Elise Stringer about what it is like to be a woman in leadership in the church Jan. 29 at the annual Women in Ministry Luncheon.

  • Reverend Sharon Cantrell talks about her occupation with freshman Katie Kasper on Jan. 29 at the annual Women in Ministry Luncheon.

  • Pastoral Associate Teresa Albright talks to junior Lia Johnson over lunch at the Women in Ministry Luncheon Jan. 29.

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The annual Women in Ministry luncheon took place in the Grande Salle during all three block lunches Jan. 29 in recognition and celebration of Catholic Schools Week.

“It’s an opportunity for our students and adult community to be reminded of the myriad of ways God calls us to serve,” Director of Campus Ministry Stephanie Pino-Dressman said. “The variety of women, walks of life and the way they serve God and others is fascinating.”

During this luncheon, students in all grades had the opportunity to have a conversation with laywomen, ministers, nuns, sisters and other leaders in ministry. The women invited are women who have committed their lives to ministry within different faith traditions. This year’s luncheon was the first year for freshman Lauren Smith.

“It was really empowering to hear about women in the Catholic Church and other faiths and how I can be a leader in my church and to others,” Smith said.

Students ate lunch and participated in conversations with the women at their lunch table in an effort to learn more about faith and dedication to ministry. The discussions took place at folding tables outside of the gym decorated with flowers kudos to campus ministry.

“By the time a student is seated with her lunch, it is only 20 minutes of her day to engage with a woman of wisdom who can share her experience and take any questions,” Pino-Dressman said.  “We may be one of the few Catholic schools in the United States that includes women who are not Catholic in celebrations during Catholic Schools Week. I love the Sion Mission.”

Over the years, the luncheon has changed from the cafeteria to the NGS, but many of the same women still come. Junior Shannon Karlin has participated in the luncheon for three consecutive years. 

“The passion of the women at my table was very inspirational,” Karlin said. “The luncheon makes me feel like I should find a service to devote more of my time to.” 

The campus ministry department looks forward to continuing this annual tradition during Catholic Schools Week in the future. 

“It was really nice to get to know these different faith leaders,” Smith said. “I think it really represented what Sion stands for.”