A New Club Creating New Traditions

LatinX, a new, latin-centric club hosted a cultural breakfast March 9, raising $138.


Grace Hills

Junior Olivia Valles sets out a fruit tray that she made from home at the LatinX club breakfast March 9.

Grace Hills, Reporter

Tamales, burritos, horchata and conchas lined the cafeteria tables as rain poured outside and around 20 students from all different cultures filled the room with laughter at LatinX club’s International Women’s Day ethnic breakfast March 9.

The breakfast was held to celebrate International Women’s Day—which had been celebrated that past Sunday. The proceeds went towards helping students purchase their class ring, raising $138 in total. Class rings typically range from $400-800.  

“[Sunday] was International Women’s Day, so we’re having breakfast to celebrate that,” junior Heaven Butler said. “And the money is going towards the juniors class ring, so to help girls who can’t afford it.” 

Raising money for class rings runs right alongside the club’s main moral: inclusion. The X in LatinX defines the club as new-wave gender-inclusive latina feminists. The X suffix means the club celebrates non-binary, founded in an all-girls school it highlights diversity and inclusivity, according to club president senior Dennise Chavez Carmona. The club is centered around Latin culture and aims to educate all girls, no matter their ethnicity. 

“We want to show everyone part of our culture and what foods we have in our different countries,” Chavez Carmona said. “We want to include anyone interested in our group.”

“We want to include anyone who’s interested.””

— Club president senior Dennise Chaves Carmona


The club’s sponsors were carefully chosen, and are all women of Latina cultures. Religion teacher Stephanie Pino-Dressman alongside Spanish teachers Alicia Gomez and Solange Gonzalez are club sponsors. The club is able to bond because of their similar cultures, according to Gonzalez.

“We are able to understand the girls a little better,” Gonzalez said. 

LatinX club is open to anyone interested and promises inclusion, according to Gonzalez. LatinX club’s goal, according to Chavez Carmona, is to induce culture and charity, evident by the breakfast. From the $138 raised to the tamales and burritos, Chavez Carmona said the LatinX club’s breakfast fulfilled these goals. 

“We want to include anyone who’s interested,” Chavez Carmona said. “Come in on Friday mornings to learn more of who we are and what we do back home.”