Online-Learning Extended until April 24

The return date for in-person classes is extended due to Kansas City’s “stay at home” order.


The high school campus pictured before school starts.

Maleah Downton, Web Editor-in-Chief


Following Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas’ announcement of the “stay at home” order March 21, online-learning is extended until April 24, according to President Alicia Kotarba.

The “stay at home” order, issued to Jackson County, Missouri; Johnson County, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri, and the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas, goes into effect Tuesday, March 24.

To halt the spread of COVID-19, the order mandates Kansas City residents to stay at home except for “essential activities.” Essential activities include activities regarding health and safety, grocery shopping, food delivery, carry out and pick up, permitted outdoor activities, essential work and care for relatives or pets outside the home.

The online-learning extension follows the actions of all 14 Kansas City metro area school districts in Missouri who’ve agreed to an April 24 extension. Online-learning begins Tuesday, March 24. Principal Natalie McDonough released the schedule for distance-learning to students and parents via email Thursday, March 19.