An Ode to Seniors

Scream Team leaders lift spirits during online schooling with a video ode to seniors.

Scream Team


Kamryn Rogers

The senior class kicked off the year with their first senior tradition, the tailgate Aug. 19.

Kaitlin Lyman, Reporter

As a way to remind seniors of the memories they have made throughout high school, Scream Team leaders seniors Brie Bowes, Grace Parrott and Allie Dierks organized a tribute video for the class of 2020.

In the midst of COVID-19, in-person classes are suspended until April 24. Instead, students continue their education via virtual learning. Bowes asked the senior class to send in their favorite pictures and videos, as well as a message stating why they love Sion for a video collage to take their minds off quarantine.

Videos and photos were sent to Bowes who edited the tribute video and posted it on YouTube March 24, the day online-classes began. In the following Q&A, Bowes, Parrott and Dierks share their inspiration for creating the video and the process they underwent to oversee its production. 

Q: Whose idea was it to put something together for the seniors?

Dierks: We were all looking for ideas on how to continue the spirit and keep the school’s, but especially the seniors, excited and engaged. The idea of a video came up and then everything came together so perfectly thanks to Brie editing it.

Parrott: I know all of us just wanted to do something positive for the community at this time, we were talking about how sad and upset we were so that was our idea to bring some joy and light at least to the seniors. Make them laugh or smile remembering and hopefully, the underclassmen will look at it and be able to get excited about the memories they’ll make or even reminisce themselves, even a freshman can look back and think “man, spirit week was fun.”

Parrott: We all came up with it, Brie immediately jumped on to make it. If you need something done, you need a Brie Bowes.

Bowes: Y’all are too sweet. As they said, we all brainstormed together.

Q: After making the video, why do you think it’s important to be there for each other during this tough time?

Parrott: I think at least for me it was so important to do something positive because everything is so completely overwhelming and out of control. We were talking about how we were losing everything and we couldn’t even get mad because it was absolutely no one’s fault. We just felt that in this time of sadness and loss and scariness, as leaders in our school community we wanted to find something positive that we could control and add.

Dierks: I’m so excited we will have the video to look back on forever. We really wanted to remind everyone why we love Sion and why the fact that the rest of the school year might be done was so hard to swallow.

Bowes: It is so important because it made them reminisce and think back on their time. We also wanted something that could help the underclassmen slightly understand all the cheesy sayings of washing time away and such as our year has been taken from us. 

Dierks: I also think it is important solely because as a class we can’t give up even though it is so emotional right now. We needed something to bring us together in a small way.