Together But Apart

Senior peer ministers virtually met with their freshmen small groups one last time.


Reporter Kaitlin Lyman and Managing Web Editor Jenna Barackman pose for a picture durning their zoom meeting.

Kaitlin Lyman, Reporter

To keep the community connected and social, Director of Campus Ministry Stephanie Pino-Dressman reached out to all senior peer ministers and organized a virtual zoom meeting with freshmen small groups April 15 during the students’ lunch period. 

“I’m glad that physical distancing doesn’t keep us from meeting in small groups,”  Pino-Dressman said. “It’s good to see faces, hear the voices, and for a small group to be focused on the sounds and faces in that Zoom room.”

While organizing the meeting, Pino-Dressman offered some ideas to spice up the meeting such as wearing freshman beanies, wearing their uniform or share how students and their families celebrated easter from home. 

I’m glad that physical distancing doesn’t keep us from meeting in small groups.”

— Director of Campus Ministry

“I liked talking to all the girls in my group about our classes and the shows we’re watching right now,” freshman Sophie Gromowsky said.“Those were the same things we talked about when we were still in school, so despite everything going on, it just felt like one of our normal meetings.”

Reflecting on the school year, Pino-Dressman offered a poem by Thomas Merton, with her own added twist, that reminds her why it is important to stay connected with her community,

“Our desire to connect, to serve, to please the other, can, in fact, be pleasing or can make someone smile.  We must continue in our attempts to stay connected with Sion.”

“I was glad we met one last time because we’ve created this bond the whole year so it was nice to get some closure and say goodbye to them as we move on to another chapter of schooling,” senior Ceresa Munjak-Khoury said.