Get Your Walk On

Students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to participate in a walking challenge.


Molly Conway

Senior Rose Orrick and alumna Brenna Richart ’19 cross the one mile mark at the District cross country meet in Lake Jacomo Oct. 20, 2018. Orrick placed 35th and Richart placed 29th and will continue onto the sectional competition.

Morgan Herriott, Sports Editor

The faculty and staff won the school-wide walking challenge that occurred during the week of April 27 through May 1. 

Social Studies Department Chair Jennifer Brown-Howerton announced the challenge in an email to the staff and student body. The email provided a link for participants to fill out by tracking their steps each weekday. The email also gave students the option to post a video of themselves walking in their Sion gear with the hashtag #sionkc.highschool.

It is important to keep all of us connected with each other and do something as a Sion community.”

— student body Vice President junior Mikayla Gunther

“The purpose of the walking challenge is to encourage everyone to take a break between classes and get outside to move their body,” Brown-Howerton said. “STUCO thought a walking challenge was the most accessible, so everyone would be able to participate.”

Brown-Howerton sent out an email on Friday, May 1 announcing the faculty and staff as the winners of the challenge with a grand total of 501,440 steps. The juniors placed second with 442,116 steps, the sophomores were third with 164,779, the seniors were fourth with 148,467 and the freshmen were fifth with 72,241. Science Curriculum Coordinator Kathleen Teel had the most individual steps, with a total of 92,825 steps throughout the week. You can view the results from each grade and the faculty and staff here

“I do a lot of walking and love a good challenge,” Teel said. “It always makes me feel better to get out and take a walk and enjoy listening to music, enjoying nature, and if someone goes along, their company.”

The walking challenge ultimately provided students with an opportunity to take a step away from the stresses of the day and enjoy the outdoors. STUCO hoped the challenge would get people connected with each other as well as get people away from their screens, according to student body Vice President junior Mikayla Gunther.

“I hope that people took a break from their school work and enjoyed the beautiful weather as well as getting active and moving around,” Gunther said. “It is important to keep all of us connected with each other and do something as a Sion community.”

An updated email sent out May 1 announced that there would be another walking challenge for the week of May 2 through May 9. You can find the link to the new spreadsheet here.