Sock it to Poverty Brings Changes


Molly Conway

Marigrace Bishop ’20 turns in the socks she bought for Sock it to Poverty Sept. 21, 2017.

Lauren Shaw, News/Sports Editor

Sock it to Poverty, an annual charity event commenced on Aug. 31 and goes until Sept. 10. Throughout the week, students are encouraged to donate new, prepackaged socks and underwear to aid the less fortunate. Although the proceeds still go to Redemptorist Social Services, a non-profit lifeline system to Kansas City’s poor and elderly, there are some notable changes this year.

“It is their (Redemptorist Social Services) program,” STUCO sponsor Jennifer Brown-Howerton said.  When I took over as STUCO they sent letters every year asking to participate in their drive.”

One of the changes is to the teams competing. In previous years, the competition has been The freshmen donations are in front of the NGS vending machine, the sophomore donations are in the commons, the junior donations are in the science elevator nook and the senior donations are at the top of the NGS stairs. The faculty donation spot is in the faculty workroom.

“We made a couple of changes this year in hopes that it would boost donations,” junior class president Grace Beelman said. “We’re hoping that this year’s total donations top last, and we are on the right track so far.” 

The second difference in this year’s competition is the addition of crazy sock day on the kickoff day of Aug 31. There was also an out of uniform shirt day with a donation of 5 dollars or pairs of socks and underwear on Sept. 3.

 “I think that really helped to get things going,” Brown-Howerton said. “I just hope we can keep that momentum going after the long weekend.” 

The winning grade that is announced after collection ends gets a full week of school-appropriate out of uniform wear.  As of Sept. 8., the freshman class is in the lead with 589 pairs. 

“The full week of civvies that was announced really excited and motivated the freshman,” freshman Piper Riffe said.