Field Day Draws Spirit Week to a Close

Students were able to be active and enjoy fresh air on Field Day.


Lauren Shaw

Students play a half-field soccer scrimmage on the turf during Field Day on Oct. 1.

Lauren Shaw, News & Sports Editor

With lots of hard work and planning, student council along with administration planned a socially distant field day for all students on Thursday, Oct. 1, the fourth day of Spirit Week. 

To ensure safety for all, a SignUpGenius was created to ensure limitations on different activities to prevent overcrowding.  Along with distancing, this year there is no longer a “Color Fun”, which has been a tradition within the previous years where students threw colored corn starch at each other to celebrate the end of Spirit Week. Staff such as science teacher Emilie Lai volunteered to proctor the stations during this time in the afternoon to take attendance and help the afternoon run smoothly.

“For me this year doesn’t look too different,” Lai said. “The only thing is now we have time for sanitizing and getting the equipment together that we have to think about.”

Some activities that took place were volleyball, yoga, school and trivia. An addition to this list was a compilation of Just Dance videos to follow and dance to in the library. Another activity added to this year’s schedule was a Kalos workout- a combination of yoga, pilates, and cardio. The students participating in the new activities were able to enjoy themselves as they were able to exercise as well as receiving sunlight and fresh air while enjoying themselves. 

Students exercise in a Kalos workout located near the Grotto. (Lauren Shaw)

 “I really liked [Kalos]” junior Kate Lovick said. “I thought the instructor was very nice and good at motivating us.”

This day also held significance for both the freshman and seniors, as today’s popular experience was a first for one and a last for another. 

“It’s definitely interesting because we didn’t get the Color Fun,” senior Emma Grojean said. “Overall I’m glad to be here because I know a lot of schools aren’t even physically in school yet.”

With beanies out of the way, Spirit Week is another important first experience for the class of 2024. For freshman Marli Brown, she was excited to participate in the entertainment of the day with or without COVID-19.

“Today was a lot of fun and a great break from school which I’ll take any time. My favorite part was participating in the sidewalk chalk and seeing the Sion community all hanging out and doing things together.”