New Student-Led Social Media Stays with the Times

Sion students create a new Tik Tok account for the school.


Kate McCarthy

Senior Anna McQueeny makes drafts for the new Sion TikTok in the school halls during club time.

Kate McCarthy, Copy Editor

A new school-run social media account, a TikTok, was created as another social media platform to share information about the community and get a look into the life of students.

Director of Marketing Haley Jeffrey came up with the idea last year. According to Jeffrey, she had initially discussed a plan and idea with last year’s seniors, but they never got a chance to get the idea off the ground. This year though, Jeffrey got a chance to work closer with Senior Mikayla Gunther to launch the account. With the help of Student Body President Mary Hudak and Scream Team Leaders Anna McQueeny and Maggie McKinney, they were able to make their idea a reality. 

When creating a Tik Tok for the account,” McQueeny said, “the goal is to show off what our school has to offer while showing that we also have a good time here at Sion.”


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The purpose of this new account was different from previous social media accounts in that its goal was to reach a different audience in a unique way. Rather than trying to give out specific events and information about the school, the account attempts to promote the fun aspects of the community. 

“It’s important to know that while we can be known for our rigorous academics, we also want to showcase the fun we have,” Jeffrey said. “We want to rally around our current students, highlighting you all and providing entertainment as we do that.”

Creators of this account hope to market it to the younger incoming generation that has such a passion for the app. According to Jeffrey, the creation of this account was through target marketing, but the posts will not be market related because the creation of this account is not only for prospective students, but also for the school community.

I think Sion engaging with the Student Body on social media has the effect of making the community more connected and close”

— Mary Hudak

“I think Sion engaging with the student body on social media has the effect of making the community more connected and close,” Hudak said. “I hope that it will spark the creation of many inside jokes that everyone can just have a good laugh about, because more laughter is something that we could all use.”

Though the account only has four tiktoks currently posted, they have tons of new ideas and plans for future videos that would engage the community. According to McQueeny, their ideas include, but are not limited to: the senior assassins game, science experiments, or events like Food For Thought skits.

“I would love for different groups within Sion to get involved in the creation of Tik Toks,” Hudak said.  “I think there are a lot of inside jokes that could be cemented in many memories and bring a lot of joy through Tik Tok.”

Overall, the purpose of this account is to better people’s lives and show just how much fun it can be within the community. The creators of this account hope that this will be a source of various jokes and good memories. 

“It is so important for Sion to have a positive impact on people’s lives,” Hudak said. “Social media can be the source of good and bad, and I want Sion’s to be one of good.”


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