“When it’s grim, be the Grim Reaper”

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills in a very close record-breaking game.

“When it’s grim, be the Grim Reaper”

Lauren Smith, Copy Editor

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes intently focuses on the game to lead his team to victory (Jamie Squire / Getty)

“When it’s grim, be the Grim Reaper and go get it,” Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid told star quarterback Patrick Mahomes this last Sunday night with thirteen seconds remaining on the clock. The Chiefs were three points behind in the divisional-round playoff game against opponent Buffalo Bills. This speech came right after the Bills scored their touchdown to claim what they thought was a victory, but Mahomes had different plans. Soon after completing two passes to Tyrek Kill and Travis Kelce who set up Harrison Butker’s 49-yard field goal tying the game and putting it into overtime.

Both teams battled throughout all four quarters of the game and Mahomes decided that battle would end when he threw an 8-yard touchdown pass to Kelce on the first possession of overtime to win the game leading to a final score of 42-36. “To be in this moment in this game against that team, to make a play to walk off a game at Arrowhead, I’ll remember this game for the rest of my life,” Mahomes said after his 8-yard touchdown pass to end the game. Mahomes secured the win throughout the game by throwing 378 yards and three touchdowns and scoring the Chiefs’ first touchdown on an 8-yard run.

This victory ends the Bills season and moves the Chiefs to Sunday’s AFC Championship against the Cincinnati Bengals. With the Chiefs creating history to be the first team to host four straight AFC Championships in addition to becoming the first team to host three straight playoff games in the same postseason. Numerous other records were broken throughout the game with the Bills and Chiefs scoring 25 points in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter, the second-most among any game in the Super Bowl era. Not to mention that the game was the first in NFL history with both quarterbacks throwing for at least 300 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions with at least 50 rushing yards.

This game will definitely be talked about for years to come, but questions continue to circulate on the NFL’s ruling regarding overtime. With the Chiefs winning after scoring in the opening possession, the ruling does not give the Bills possession, so the game ended. The Chiefs were defeated in a similar situation in 2019 by the New England Patriots when the game ended with the Patriots scoring during the opening possession leading to many questioning the legitimacy of this rule.

“This is definitely another step for him into the Hall of Fame,” Hill said of teammate Mahomes after the game. “He had the chance to prove once again he’s at the top of the (hill) when it comes to quarterbacks in this league.” Mahomes knows it, his teammates know it and Chiefs fans everywhere know how special he made this game. By proving once again his ability to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league and the hope to carry his team to many more victories like this in the near future. With just two more games before Super Bowl 56 let’s hope Mahomes and the Chiefs bring this same kind of spirit in the coming weeks.