Making Connections At Mass

Sion celebrates the Nativity of Mary at its first all school Mass of the year.


Lily Wilkin

Juniors (left to right) Georgia Gomez, Hannah Lange, Caroline Hammett and Kosi Okuagu laugh together during the first all school mass.

Lily Wilkin, Feature Editor

The Sion student body gathered together to celebrate the Nativity of Mary at Mass on Thursday, September 8, 2022. This Mass was a great experience for the freshman to bond with their peers and created a sense of community for everyone. 

I think the new set up for Masses helps bring us together, the chairs on the floor, open seating and no bleachers, invites all who enter to feel part of a larger community,” Campus Minister Stephanie Pino-Dressman said. 

Sion’s theme for the year is Right Where you Belong, and being at Mass together as a school allows the Sion community to figure out where each belongs in the community. Sion is filled with amazing people, getting away from electronics and joining in unity is an experience that strengthens the bonds within the community.

“We have the chance to be separated from our cell phones and being present and aware of the people who are around us,” Pino-Dressman said. 

Making connections is very important, because it help to feel like you belong and are cared for. Being in Mass, and being surrounded by people who could be going through the same troubles that you are, can be really beneficial for a lot of people. And at Sion you are given the space and opportunity to pray alongside your close friends, and people you may not know well. This creates that sense of belonging for everyone.

Sion’s Grand Choeur sings Digo Si Senor in order to bring the Sion community together. (Lily Wilkin )

“The Mass offers us opportunities to “make connections” with God and with our community–we will hear the prayers, songs, homily but not in the same way, so after Mass the conversations begin in the hallways and classroom about the Eucharistic celebration!” Pino-Dressman said. 

Sion prays every morning during first hour class, but sometimes that time isn’t taken to fully connect with one another. At all school Mass that opportunity is given,and there is full attention on creating stronger connections and relationships with God, yourself, and with the people around you. 

“We get to experience prayer in the same space–unlike morning prayer in different rooms,” Pino-Dressman said.

All school Masses are a fantastic way for people to find a sense of belonging, because in that moment. There is a singular focus; to be present. 

“As a teen I was taught that the Mass “belonged” to all who were gathered; that the Church is not a building but the “People of God,” Pino-Dressman said. “For me, participating in word, song and active listening helps me to feel and think that I belong.” 

Sophomore Brooke Petro listens intently to the Priest as he explains the importance of Mary’s birth. (Lily Wilkin)